10 essential things to take with you on your holidays to Lanzarote

Once you’ve chosen to visit Lanzarote for your holidays, then the most complicated moment arrives for any traveller: deciding what to include in your luggage for your visit the island.

The good news is that if you’re feeling a little unsure about the important task of what to pack, don’t worry: in this article we provide you a list of 10 things you should take with you for your holidays in Lanzarote.

List of 10 things you should take with you to Lanzarote

1. Summer clothe

Being blessed with a stable climate throughout all months of the year, it’s best to take lightweight clothing. When packing, a good idea would be to include items such as T-shirts, cropped trousers, dresses, skirts, vests and shorts.

Luckily, one advantage of this is that you can save lots of space in your case as all the clothes you’ll need are light, reducing the weight of your luggage.

2. Bathing costume

It goes without saying that you can’t come to this island without packing a bathing costume.

After all, one of the key reasons for tourists visiting Lanzarote is for its blissful beaches which can be enjoyed all year round.

So if you’re thinking of visiting Lanzarote, a good swimming costume is a must.

3. Windproof clothing

Although the temperature is usually very pleasant in the Canary Islands, it’s worth remembering that it is very often windy in Lanzarote as the zone has an extensive coastline.

For this reason, when night falls, you’ll be pleased you brought a small windbreaker jacket with you, to protect yourself from the winds that can blow on the island

Shoes you’ll need in Lanzarote

There are various different types of footwear that are essential for getting round the island during your holidays in Lanzarote. And they are:

4. Walking shoes

As well as the beaches, Lanzarote has various hiking trails where tourists can enjoy being in the open air, wandering round the island’s many places of natural beauty.

One of these is the path that leads to the Montaña Colorada, one of the most popular routes amongst tourists. It’s therefore important that you have suitable footwear for these long hikes that will take you to the most stunning island landscapes.

5. Comfortable shoes

For strolling round villages or going on relaxed walks, you’ll need comfortable footwear such as, for example, canvas sneakers or trainers. One of the key qualities of this type of shoe is that they are light and suitable for many different kinds of activities, making them an irreplaceable holiday companion.

6. Sandals

On days when you don’t plan to do much walking but rather simply unwind and enjoy the beach, it’s best to have comfortable footwear for the occasion; and what could be better than a good pair of sandals?

They don’t take up too much space in your luggage and you’re bound to use them often when you go to the beach.

Hiking accessories

7. Hiking poles

As we mentioned, some of Lanzarote’s most beautiful attractions are its hiking trails. The island offers many routes, so that anyone who enjoys walking in the open air can explore a new route every day.

Hiking poles will clearly be ideal to take along with you and particularly useful when visiting the Timanfaya National Park. This park runs through the island’s volcanic zone and if you want to comfortably do a tour of the entire route, it would be best to do it with proper hiking poles.

8. Diving equipment

The various beaches along the coastal areas of the island offer you the chance to do various diving tours in the sea. Diving equipment that includes a mask and fins is ideal for these activities.

It would also be a good idea to include kit necessary for snorkelling in your equipment, as this is also a very popular activity in Lanzarote.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that you don’t have to bring these items from home, as you can hire them or buy them on the island, and some are even included in some of the tours.

But, of course, if you already have your own equipment that you bought on previous holidays, bringing them with you this time would certainly save you a few euros.

Sun protection items

Whether summer or winter, Lanzarote is a beach destination at any time of the year. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you include certain items in your luggage that will protect you from the sun

9. Sun hat or visor

This will be a great help in preventing sunstroke, especially during the spring and summer months when the Lanzarote sun is at its most intense and harmful to health.

When you are in Lanzarote, always wear a suitable hat and even dark sunglasses with UV protection permitting you to take care of your skin and also your eyesight.

10. Sunscreen

Finally, wearing a suitable sunscreen is essential and necessary, not only in summer but at all times. Its use is important to prevent burning when you spend too long exposed to the sun, and also more serious conditions. It’s vital to use a sunscreen every day, not only on holiday trips, but in your everyday life.

Even on cloudy days, it is advisable to apply a layer of sunscreen.

Water bottle

To round off our list, one element we so far haven’t mentioned but that is highly important when going on long walks is a water bottle. This will allow you to take drinks to keep you hydrated on both the beach and when visiting volcanoes. We’ll consider the water bottle to be something like an “encore” to our list of 10 essential things to take with you on your holidays to Lanzarote.

We hope you have found our list of the different items to bear in mind when packing your bags for your holidays in Lanzarote useful.

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