15 bicycle routes that will help you to get to know Lanzarote.

Touring Lanzarote on a bicycle is a luxury that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are keen on sport and like cycling.

Is there a perfect season for it?

As you already know, we enjoy excellent weather all year round here in the Canary Islands.

We could say that we have two big seasons, spring and summer, so this shouldn’t hold you back from visiting us.

Despite good temperatures and scarce rain, we would like to remind you that trade winds are usually quite frequent, almost continuous, during the summer months, so avoid those months if you’d like to go for a smooth ride.

In any case, before starting your route, check the weather forecast to see if you should adjust your clothing, bring a windbreaker jacket or switch to a cap and a lot of sunscreen.

Don’t forget to bring some water and something to eat to regain your strength because you won’t always be able to find supplies along these routes.

Put on your helmet; it’s essential in this land of lava stones. Let’s start rolling!

A list of our fifteen favourite bicycle routes in Lanzarote.

1. La Graciosa

Dificultad: Low

Distance: 29 miles (you can reduce it to 11 miles).

Description: Let’s start with one of our favourite routes. 

Explore this island, a Biosphere Reserve, on a bicycle via a route entirely of dirt, as there aren’t any paved roads on La Graciosa. 

You can reach it by a ferry departing from Orzola in Lanzarote. 

You can bring your bike to the ferry free of charge or rent one there from any of the companies specialising in bicycle rentals and routes around the island. 

The route is easy and you’ll enjoy the views and the landscape that will make it worthwhile. 

We suggest that you book your ferry ticket in advance here.

2. La Geria.

Difficulty: Low

 Distance: 18 miles

Description: Visit this wine-making area by going on a circular route through the vineyards that emerge from volcanic ash pits. You are in the land of Malvasia Volcanica wine, so it is worth it to see how it is grown, which is so different to what we are used to seeing.

Make a can’t-miss at Timanfaya National Park and in Los Volcanes Natural Park to visit the Del Cuervo volcano.

Dedicate the entire day to this route so that you can enjoy all the points of interest you’ll find along the way.

3. Famara — Parque Nacional de Timanfaya.

Difficulty: Medium

 Distance: 17 miles.

Description: On this medium-difficulty route, you can spend a day enjoying a landscape that might sometimes seem like it came from another planet.

Must-see spots at Famara, are the Del Cuervo Volcano and Mount Bermeja.

4. Ruta Yaiza

Difficulty: High.    

Distance:  18 miles.

Description: We don’t recommend doing this route on days when strong winds are blowing. However, apart from this detail, you can go on it at any time of the year.

Keep in mind that you’ll do practically the entire route on dirt roads, so if you aren’t used to that or aren’t in great shape, you should opt for another, more accessible route so that you can enjoy it.

5. Punta Grande Lanzarote.

Difficulty: High.  

Distance: 37 miles.

Description: This circular route starts at the Puerto del Carmenand is another difficult route we recommend.

It’s possible that you’ll run into sections where you’ll have to get off your bike and walk, because there are sections that are unpaved or ride, and there is one section of 500 yards where bike riding is forbidden).

Take advantage of this difficulty to make some stops and enjoy the road.

San Gabriel Castle, San Jose Castle, Punta Grande or the antique volcanic ash field, nowadays the Stratified City of Lanzarote that you won’t be able to see in many other places and it doesn’t usually appear in the guide materials, but you shouldn’t miss it as it is located just opposite the Las Piletas cliff.

6. Los Dolores Mountain — Timanfaya National Park.

Difficulty: High

Distance: 34 miles.

Description: This is another difficult route reserved for those who are used to cycling. 

Even though this route is paved for the most part, it features some steep upward and downward slopes.

However, if it made it to our list, it’s because it is worth the effort.

Visit the Los Dolores mountain and take a picture at the entrance to Timanfaya National Park next to the Devil sculpture that marks the entrance to the Park and is now a symbol of Lanzarote.

This route also passes through the vineyard area. Get off your bike and let yourself be amazed by the way grapes are grown on the island.

7. Lagomar House — Cesar Manrique Museum.

Difficulty: High

 Distance: 36 miles

Description: This route is highly recommended if, besides engaging in some sport, you’d like to add a few cultural stops to your route that are must-sees in Lanzarote.

Start at the Lagomar Housedesigned by Manrique and Soto and built in an antique quarry, which very briefly belonged to the actor Omar Sharif (who lost it in a card game, or at least that’s what the legend says).

Nowadays, it has been transformed into a museum with an €8 entrance fee. It’s a very different kind of place that you’d be glad to have visited.

Moreover, it is a museum of Cesar Manrique, a key figure on the island because he created many projects that today form part of the island’s image. This local artist put Lanzarote on the map thanks to the merit of his works and assertions. This is where he was born and wished to carry out the majority of his works on his island, his birthplace.

8. Timanfaya — Salinas de Janubio Viewpoint.

Difficulty: High.

 Distance: 41 miles.

Description: Another route reserved for advanced-level cycle tourism enthusiasts . It includes a section where you’d have to walk with your ticket (about 140 yards).

Enjoy the lunar landscape of Timanfaya before continuing, as it’s not often seen elsewhere, as well the landscape of the Salinas de Janubio, the only commercial salt farm still in operation, or that of Laguna Verde.

This route has a few points that you must see if you’d like to get to know this island well.

9. Punta Grande — Aeropuerto de Lanzarote.

Difficulty: Medium. 

  Distance: 26 miles.

Description: A short and a more accessible version for those with less expertise in fifth-gear routes.

In any case, they share a small section where you’d have to walk with your bicycle while pushing it.

Along your route you will see The Light that Guides Us monument to seafarer martyrs, San Gabriel Castle and Playa de Guacimeta beach.

It ends next to Lanzarote airport where you will see planes arriving directly over the sea.

10. El Golfo — Timanfaya National Park.

Difficulty: High.

Distance: 72 miles.

Description: Without a doubt, it is the longest route on the list that features some spots that you won’t want to miss.

Explore almost the entire island with this route that will bring you to El Grifo, Salinas de Janubio Viewpoint, El Golfo and Timanfaya National Park.

11. Timanfaya — Timanfaya National Park.

Difficulty: High. 

Distance: 43 miles.

Description: A long route means that it’s full of incredible stops.

On this occasion, it is Los Dolores mountain, Yaiza, Timanfaya or Salinas de Janubio Viewpoint which are must-see spots.

In any case, enjoy your route because this island will show you landscapes that you won’t easily forget.

12. Ciudad Petrificada — Teguise.

Difficulty: High.

Distance: 46 miles.

Description: Take the opportunity to discover these rocky formations that are almost unnoticed on the island, although they will leave you speechless.

Pass through Haria or the Los Helechos Viewpoint before arriving in Teguise.

It´s reserved for cycling experts due to its length and difficulty.

13. Timanfaya — El Golfo.

Difficulty: High.

Distance: 46 miles.

Description: Another opportunity for enjoying Lanzarote’s vineyards, El Golfo and the views from Timanfaya National Park.

14. Costa Teguise — Jardín de Cactus.

Difficulty: High.  

Distance: 34 miles.

Description: One of the most complicated routes on our list of recommendations, it requires cyclists to be in good physical shape. It features a circular route from the Costa Teguise that is nearly entirely on a paved surface.

15. Playa Famara — Famara.

Difficulty: Medium.

Distance: 26 miles.

Description: Even though this route is not recommended if you’re not used tp riding a bicycle, it’s almost entirely paved, so we’ve rated it as medium-level difficulty.

The route starts next to a parking lot, so this facilitates access if you want to arrive in a car.

It runs through one of the most beautiful beaches on Lanzarote, Caleta de Famara, from which you’ll be able to see La Graciosa island. It’s the perfect spot for starting strong.

One of our favourite stops is the Molino de Tiagua, which is very well preserved; you can visit it free of charge.

This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your bicycle route as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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