Charco del Palo, the naturist village in northern Lanzarote.

If you like to practice nudism, but you don´t know where to do it, pay close attention to this article. We are presenting the perfect naturist place in Lanzarote.

Charco del Palo is a small village in the northeast of Lanzarote, on the coast of Mala, within the municipality of Haría.

It was founded in the 70´s by a German who was in love with the island and it became the first naturist resort in the Canary Islands.

At Charco del Palo it is forbidden to forbid, so if you spend a day in this peaceful place, keep an open mind.    Enjoy and respect, this is the maxim.

How to get to Charco del Palo?

You need to take your own car to get to this idyllic place, as there is no public bus service to take you there.

The first thing you need to do is to head to the town of Mala, which is located between Arrieta and Guatiza and look for the detour towards Charco del Palo. It is well signposted, but if you are not familiar with the journey, pay attention because it is easy to pass it.

The road leading from Mala to the coast is around 3 km, crossing old farmland that is now abandoned, covered with volcanic stone and wild prickly pears.

Once you reach your destination, don´t be surprised if you see naked people walking along the street. Here, it is completely permitted to practice nudism and people really respect it.

If you want to form part of the image, you can shed your clothing and feel the sea breeze and the sun caressing your skin. Take advantage of this moment to feel free.

However, if wearing no clothes isn´t for you, don´t worry, nobody will force you to and nor will they look badly upon you for this. It is forbidden to forbid and everyone respects one another.

What to see and do in Charco del Palo?

Charco del Palo is famous for its natural pools.

It has two, both very different, so they satisfy the tastes and needs of those who visit them, but they share the peacefulness and clearness of their waters. They are both connected to the sea, therefore the water level rises and falls according to the tides.

It doesn´t matter how rough the coast is, you can swim placidly in both while enjoying the climate of the island.

Charco del Palo natural pool:

In this natural pool you will find several stone terraces that are perfect for sunbathing. In the upper area there are spaces with volcanic sand (jable) and stone walls to protect you from the wind if you prefer to lie down on the sand.

You can enter the pool at the sides of the lagoon, do so carefully, as it is stone. In some areas, and with a high tide, the depth makes it possible to dive directly into the water.

If you want to enjoy an incredible experience at this natural pool, visit it at night and bathe in its peaceful waters, you will see the luminescence of the sea around you. A real spectacle of nature.

Coloseo natural pool:

Here the space is also divided into terraces, but with the difference that they all have white sand and are much larger.

To bathe, you can enter using the ramp in the pool. If you don´t have appropriate footwear, we recommend you do so via the area with the handrail, this will prevent possible falls, especially when there is a low tide.

In the upper area of this pool you will find a beach volleyball court and an area for playing Canarian boules or pétanque. It is ideal if you come to spend the day with family or friends.

If you fancy going for a swim in the open sea after visiting the two pools, halfway between both, you will find a natural breakwater that protects everyone who dives into the sea from the ocean currents.

Perfect for everyone who wants to feel free in the sea and do snorkelling, the area is equipped with a ladder to be able to enter and exit the water without problems.

Where to eat in Charco del Palo?

In the same little town you will find options for eating such as Lili’s Bar Cafetería and El Jardín Tropical. Both have terraces and sea views, perfect for starting with an aperitif and continuing with lunch.

Although it is permitted to practice nudism on the terraces at both establishments, it is necessary to wear clothes indoors.

You will also find a small supermarket where you can purchase a snack if you want to remain on the beach.

Where to sleep in Charco del Palo?

Charco del Palo offers multiple holiday accommodation options, you simply need to explore Google Maps to see some of them.

From apartment complexes to private villas, you have an extensive range to choose the perfect stay for you. Also, some of them are only for naturists, bear this in mind when it comes to booking.


This article was written with all the love that we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your visit to Charco del Palo as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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