Discover El Golfo, one of the most charming villages in Lanzarote

Discover El Golfo, one of the most charming villages in Lanzarote

Below we offer some suggestions on what to see and where to eat in El Golfo.

Located on the southwest coast of Lanzarote, El Golfo is a village whose natural beauty captivates everyone who visits it. Apart from the obligatory sightseeing stop at the Charco de Los Clicos (Lago Verde), this locality offers a wide variety of restaurants where you can sample local cuisine, a different type of beach of a volcanic nature and a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy as a family, as a couple or with friends.

What’s there to see in El Golfo?

In spite of its small size, this fishing village is a must-see for all tourists who visit Lanzarote. And if you’re wondering what El Golfo has to offer, take note of all the tips below to help you explore this village and its surroundings.

The Charco de Los Clicos or Lago Verde

This is a small lagoon, around 100 metres long, that is fascinatingly mysterious. It features a landscape of contrasts between the black of the sand, the reddy tones of the volcanic crater and the green of its water. The explanation behind the emerald colour of the Charco de Los Clicos lies on the bed of this saltwater lagoon where there is a large concentration of algae, known as ‘Ruppia maritima’ that produce chlorophyll.

The Charco de Los Clicos has its origins in the eruptions of Timanfaya between 1730 and 1736, as it is located in the crater of a volcano that was engulfed by the Atlantic Ocean. It has been declared a nature reserve and is located within the renowned Los Volcanes Natural Park. This is why bathing in the zone that surrounds it is prohibited.

To reach the Charco de Los Clicos, take the entry to the village of El Golfo and, before arriving there, on the left, you’ll see a carpark. Following a small dirt path on foot will take you to the viewpoint, where you can see the lagoon in all its splendour.

Watch the sunset in El Golfo

The best place to enjoy the sun setting in Lanzarote is in El Golfo. This fishing village crystallises all the coastal charm of the island and its volcanic nature, that has created landscapes that could be from another planet. Whether from the Charco de Los Clicos, the El Golfo viewpoint, its black-sand beach or any of its restaurants with views to the ocean, the sunset in El Golfo is a wonder to be marvelled at.

Path to the Playa del Paso

One of the best ways to enjoy nature in El Golfo is by hiking. We recommend the path that separates El Golfo from the Playa del Paso, around 7 km in length. It starts in a parking area in the village and follows a well-signposted route. Remember to wear suitable footwear for hiking, as the path runs over volcanic rock.

Enjoy a spot of relaxation on its beach

Are you looking for a peaceful beach where you can feel the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy the best views of Lanzarote? Then look no further: El Golfo beach awaits you. This black-sand beach is 125 metres long and allows you to enjoy Lanzarote’s volcanic nature to the full. With the Los Volcanes Natural Park behind it and the Atlantic Ocean in front, this beach is quite windy with rough waves, so we recommend you take great care, especially if you go with children or older people.

A treat for your taste buds, in the best places to eat in El Golfo

If you are a fan of Canary Island cuisine, eating in at least one of the restaurants along the El Golfo seafront road on your visit to the village is an absolute must. Enjoy some mouthwatering food after a long day sightseeing along the southeast coast of Lanzarote.

Restaurante Costa Azul

Located at No 8 Avenida Marítima, Restaurante Costa Azul offers you the best of the Lanzarote coast. Fresh fish, seafood and rices are some of the dishes to savour whilst sitting on the seafront terrace. Highly recommended are the lapas con mojo (limpets with mojo sauce), gueldes fritos (small fried fish) and classics of Canary gastronomy such as papas con mojo (‘wrinkled’ potatoes with mojo sauce) and escaldón de gofio con cebolla (hot broth with roasted Canarian flour and onion).

Restaurante Casa Rafa

Homemade food made with top-quality products from the Lanzarote sea and land are awaiting you at Casa Rafa, situated at No 10 Avenida Marítima. With more than 12 years’ experience in the sector and specialising in fish and seafood, their rice dishes such as seafood paella and creamy rice with lobster or carabinero prawns are to die for.

Restaurante Casa Torano

This restaurant with a seaside tradition specialises in rice dishes and flavours of the sea. With enviable views over the El Golfo beach and wonderful sunsets, Restaurante Casa Torano (No 24 Avenida Marítima) offers the best of local cuisine. Sampling its tasty mojo sauce and its chargrilled fish is a must.

Despite our recommendations, all restaurants in El Golfo offer a broad selection of fish and seafood from our ocean and the best dishes of Canary gastronomy. And there’s nothing better than enjoying a meal made with local produce paired with Lanzarote wines and views that will take your breath away. Now that’s something not to be missed.

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