Discover La Graciosa island by catamaran

If you’re going to come to Lanzarote and are planning your trip, a catamaran tour to La Graciosa island should be at the top of your must-do list.

You’ll sail the waters La Graciosa aboard a luxurious catamaran, visit its coastline and participate in activities in unique and hard-to-reach locations.

This tour is about five hours long and includes a delicious meal, free drinks and a wide range of leisure activities.

Keep on reading, we’ll provide you with all the details about this amazing excursions.

However, please be warned,

if you read this article, we’ll surely see you on board soon.

What is the price of this excursion?

The price for adults is 64 euros (ages 12-59).

The price for children is 38 euros, (ages 3-11). Children younger than 3 are free of charge.

The price for senior citizens is 59 euros (aged 60 or older).

The price includes a transfer to and from the pick-up point near your hotel, ferry from Lanzarote to La Graciosa, where you’ll board a catamaran, a meal, and free drinks.

We’ll provide you with all the details about this trip below.

We recommend you reserve your tour directly on our website by clicking on this link:

The best season for going on a catamaran trip to La Graciosa.

We’re fortunate to enjoy an excellent climate all year round.

You can go on this trip any time, in any season. However, if you’d like to go for a swim from the catamaran, you should probably opt for one of the warmer months.

Please keep in mind that for the high season you should book a few weeks in advance to make sure you can get a spot.

Whenever you choose to come, it’s going to be a day full of fun and enjoyment.

Let's go over the itinerary for this trip.

The day will start with a pick-up by bus at the nearest point to your hotel.

Make sure to pick a good pick-up point, so we can pick you up at the most convenient location. You can choose between:

  • Playa Blanca
  • Costa Teguise
  • Arrecife
  • Puerto Del Carmen
  • Puerto Calero

The bus will take you to Puerto de Orzola, at the north of the island, where you’ll board a ferry that will take you on a 25-minute ride to La Graciosa, specifically, to the town of Caleta de Sebo.

You’ll be able to visit the town, the largest developed area on the island.

You’ll have two options, visit it on your own or with our guide, who will tell you about the history, customs and traditions of this small fishing village that will enchant you the moment you set foot in it.

Guided tours are available in Spanish, English, French and German. Guided tours in other languages are subject to availability and provided upon request.

Once you are done with your tour, it’s time to board your catamaran.

You’ll be welcomed with a mojito and some Spanish tortilla to refresh you after your stroll, and to help you to relax before the boat departs.

We’ll travel along the southern coast of La Graciosa, without losing sight of Lanzarote, to get to our hidden paradise and anchor in its waters at Montaña Amarilla beach.

At lunchtime we’ll eat a freshly prepared paella, which you can accompany with the drink of your choice from our open bar.

We’ll finish lunch with a generous portion of fresh fruit.

If you are coeliac, please let us know when you reserve your spot and you’ll be able to enjoy a meal adapted to your needs.

We’ll return by ferry to Lanzarote, to the same port we departed from, Orzola, and a bus will bring you back to your morning pick-up point so you will be as close as possible to your hotel.

How many activities can you do on the excursion?

You can take advantage of this trip as a chance to just rest and sunbathe, but if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to stand around, the following may be of interest to you.

You’d surely enjoy a visit to Caleta de Sebo.

Once you’re on board the catamaran you just read about, your trip along the coastline of this small island will begin.

You’ll sail the turquoise blue waters while exploring the Chinijo Archipelago.

The trip takes about an hour. We’ll anchor at the south of the island, so you could enjoy all the activities offered.

Swimming: You can swim in crystal-clear turquoise blue waters. It’s a spectacular experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Snorkelling: With just a small step forward you can snorkel and explore the sea life of this protected reserve with the greatest species diversity in Europe.

Don’t miss a chance to swim among marine fauna found only here.

Kayak: If you’re fond of sports and have natural curiosity, you can go on a kayak trip and explore every little nook and cranny of the coast.

If you’d like to go out on a kayak, keep in mind that you should bring an extra shirt.

Sunbathing: Of course, sunbathing on the sandy beaches or relaxing on an inflatable mattress are among the preferred options for many.

After enjoying an appetizer and lunch, we’ll raise anchor to continue sailing around the island, offering you panoramic views of its beaches.

Las Conchas beach at the northeast part of the island is famous for its striking white sand.

La Francesa beach offers a fabulous contrast between its white sand and a volcanic mountain in the background. Undoubtedly, a rare sight that is certain to make a lasting impression.

It’s time to get back to the land, so we’ll be on the way back.

Don’t miss an opportunity to see one of the most important jewels among our islands on this catamaran trip.

A chance to leave behind noise and crowded beaches and explore a natural setting which will be undoubtedly be a delight for the eyes and soul.

It will leave you with great memories of an unforgettable vacation.


This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your visit to La Graciosa and the catamaran trip as much as we enjoyed writing this section.

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