Discover the hidden treasures of Lanzarote on a boat trip.

If you are looking for a fun holiday in Lanzarote, look no further: boat trips are the perfect option!

Lanzarote is one of the most beautiful and exotic Canary Island, and there are many ways to explore its distinctive coastal landscape.

One of them is boat trips, which offer the best way to enjoy a fun and adventurous holiday. From the peacefulness of a luxury cruise to the thrill of a speedboat ride, there are plenty of options to suit every taste.

And for travellers who are looking for first class experiences, Líneas Romero has a wide range of cruise services and boat trips in Lanzarote.

This family-owned maritime company, originally from La Graciosa, offers quality services with more than 30 years of experience. With Líneas Romero you can enjoy the best boat trips in Lanzarote, with different activities that will take your breath away.

Activities you can do on boat trips.

If you’ve chosen Romero Lines for a boat trip, you’re in for some of the best experiences on Lanzarote. From snorkelling activities to a ‘spot the dolphin’ excursion, there’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy during the Romero Lines boat trips.

Boat trip and snorkelling:

One of the highlights of Líneas Romero’s boat trips is snorkelling. 

It depends on the type of excursion you book, but normally, the trip includes stops at different coves, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the island’s coastline. With the assistance of an expert guide, you will be able to see the marine life up close and dive into the sea to discover the intense life hidden beneath the surface.

To carry out this activity, the most popular trips are those that include Papagayo Beaches and La Graciosa Island, which also include lunch on board.

If you want to introduce yourself into the world of scuba diving, a snorkelling day is ideal to get familiar with this modality. 

Or if, on the other hand, you prefer to enjoy the seabed from the surface, they also offer trips on glass-bottomed boats.

Dolphin excursion.

For nature lovers, the ‘I Love Sunset’ excursion is a must experience. 

Keep an eye on the shore during the trip, as you may have the opportunity to see dolphins in their natural habitat, while enjoying the sounds and the majesty of these marvellous creatures.

But bear in mind that marine life is wild, and you may not be lucky enough to come across these aquatic mammals. 

Even so, this excursion allows you to enjoy a wonderful sunset on board a spectacular boat. A unique way to contemplate the colours of the sunset while listening to the sound of the waves.

Visit the neighbouring islands.

If you want to make the most of your boat trip and, in addition, combine it with a visit to the neighbouring island, the Líneas Romero full day boat trip is the best option for you. 

This trip offers you the opportunity to visit Corralejo, one of the best touristic areas in Fuerteventura, as well as a guided excursion through the natural landscape of the Islote de Lobos. Undoubtedly, a lasting memory that includes beaches, unique streets, and natural landscapes.

Other activities offered by Líneas Romero

Apart from those already mentioned, Líneas Romero offers a wide variety of water activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and paddleboarding, as well as diving excursions and glass-bottom boat trips.

Any of these excursions can be booked directly from here, where they explain in detail what is included in each of their trips. 

Whichever one you choose, with Líneas Romero you can be sure that they will treat you like family and make your experience unforgettable.

What other companies offer boat trips in Lanzarote?

Other than Líneas Romero, there are several companies that offer boat trips around Lanzarote. 

Some of these are Lanzarote Boat Trips, Catlanza, Tom’s Catch and Lanzarote Yacht Charters. 

Each of them offers a variety of boat trips suitable for different interests, from fishing trips to speedboat trips, not forgetting full day excursions to explore the best destinations on the island.

What activities do these companies offer?

We have already mentioned some of the activities you can do with these companies, but depending on which excursion you book, you can also enjoy other alternatives. 

Take advantage of your time at anchor to dive into the water and go snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking or paddleboarding.

And if you’re a daredevil, some of them even have equipment for windsurfing. 

But if you want to have an original celebration, many of these companies also offer parties on the sea, as if they were a floating disco.

Don’t think twice and let yourself be carried away by the trade winds as soon as you arrive in Lanzarote.

What are the prices of these activities?

You have already seen the wide range of companies that exist and the activities they offer, now you just need to know how much they cost. 

If you are one of those who think that spending a day on a boat with your friends or family is something prohibitive, we are here to demystify that belief. 

Over the years, this kind of practices have become more and more popular, making it a very competitive business. This translates into cheaper prices, always to the benefit of your pocket.

So, the price of any of these excursions may vary depending on the duration and type of activity you choose, but it will never be excessive.

For example, the price of a full day excursion can vary from 50 euros to 100 euros per person, in many cases including food and drinks. 

Shorter excursions, with more specific activities such as scuba diving, can cost around 80 euros per person, depending on equipment and other details.

So, to sum up, if you choose Lanzarote as your holiday destination, you can choose between a wide range of activities and enjoy the sailor’s life, from glass-bottom boat trips to dolphin-watching excursions, guaranteeing you an unforgettable few days.

This article has been written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope you enjoy your boat trips as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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