Diving in La Graciosa, a luxury experience within everyone's reach.

If you are a diving enthusiast, we’re sure that La Graciosa is on your must-see list.

You absolutely must come here if you love the sea as much as we do.

This idyllic location is part of the marine reserve that includes La Graciosa and the North Lanzarote islets.

It is the largest protected marine area in Europe, stretching over 70,700 hectares.

The rocky volcanic seabed has led to the formation of an infinite series of cracks and small cavities, making this island a perfect spot for diving.

Its cold nutrient-rich waters, as well as its proximity to the African coast – just 100 kilometres away – have resulted in an abundance of biodiversity that will leave you speechless.

It is unquestionably one of the best diving destinations in Europe.

Let us share all the details about this underwater paradise with you.

Find your diving centre on La Graciosa.

There are several diving centres on La Graciosa that offer diving professionals with ample experience in our waters.

You can dive and take all type of courses with them, everything from diving initiation to PADI certification. You can even start your professional career in recreational diving.

Native Diving has been offering diving classes of all kinds on the island for 20 years, everything from family snorkelling with the youngest family members to special courses, including PADI and SSI certification.

Mojo Dive is another dive centre that can accompany you on your underwater journey. They also provide official certification and can search for accommodations if you need them for your stay.

La Graciosa Divers offers diving initiation, certification and immersion at some 20 different diving places. They also offer accommodation and diving packages.

As you can see, it is hard to choose since they’re all highly professional. In any case, the success of your trip is guaranteed.

What animals or fish can you see in La Graciosa waters?

This is surely one of biggest reasons why you should already be packing your bags for La Graciosa.

The underwater world that awaits you is home to the greatest biodiversity in all of Europe, thanks to the enormous number of caves and crevices created by volcanic processes, as you are surely aware of now.

The rich variety of marine life is not only much appreciated by diving experts, but also by those just getting started in diving.

Wouldn’t you want your diving initiation to be in this unique setting? You can see over 774 species of marine fauna:

bull rays, longnose hawkfish, different types of ray-finned fish like barracuda as well as other endemic species like mottler groupers or Mediterranean parrotfish, , octopus,  and sea cucumbers..

These are just some of the species you’ll be able to see.

However, there are many more. The list is huge. You’ll have the privilege of diving along shoals with grunts as well as a large variety of other fauna, like angelsharks, African striped grunts, ,greater amberjacks, Atlantic horse mackerel, black ghost knifefish and Canarian slipper lobsters.

These waters, with average temperatures ranging between 18.2 °C and 21.2 °C, provide all the conditions necessary for this great diversity of species.

This applies not only to marine fauna, but also to marine flora.

What diving courses can you take at La Graciosa?

Any adventure you can imagine can become a reality thanks to the ample range of courses offered by the diving centres on the island.

You can do family snorkelling, especially if you visit with children, or go for a dive if you already have diving experience.

If you have dived before, and you’d like to gain more diving experience and skills, the best option is to choose one of the PADI or SSI specialities, which include theory classes as well as dive time.

Thanks to the wide range of courses on offer, from one day to one week to one month (for professionals), you can find the course that best suits your available time and preferences.

If you have any questions, just get in touch with the diving centres. They will be happy to help you to give that perfect finishing touch to your holidays.

La Graciosa: a perfect place for diving initiation.

If you have never dived before, La Graciosa is a perfect place for your diving initiation.

Can you imagine having your first diving experience in the waters with the greatest species diversity in all of Europe?

Dive into our idyllic waters, guided by professional instructors with an in-depth knowledge of the area, and fall in love with diving forever.

Diving schools offering guided instruction know how to take care of you and offer a wide range of possibilities to guarantee an enjoyable experience.

Choose an individual diving session lasting about two hours or up to five diving sessions with other extra options, such as a visit to the Museo Atlantico on Playa Blanca at the south of Lanzarote.

Diving depth during initiation is usually between 6 and 12 metres. Not bad at all for just getting started!

How much do these courses cost?

The price for diving initiation at La Graciosa is 60-170 euros. This allows you to tailor your initiation to your preferences, how much time you have, and the number of dives you’d like to do, as mentioned above.

You can choose a single dive starting at 49 euros or get a pack of several dives, or even book multiple days of excursions to different locations.

PADI or SSI certification course prices are between 150 and 400 euros per person, depending on the experience level and the depth you want to explore. 

Whatever option you choose, success and enjoyment are guaranteed.


This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that your enjoy your visit to La Graciosa island and diving in its waters as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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