Diving in Lanzarote, a seabed full of surprises.

You have heard of the Canary Islands on numerous occasions.

Its beaches, the sun, its landscapes, the volcanoes, its people.

And we’re not going to deny it. It is a paradise that will captivate you regardless of how you plan your trip.

But there is a place, although not easily accessible to everyone, that will delight those who are lucky enough to visit it.

It is the waters of Lanzarote, its depths. A seabed full of life and colour that is home to the greatest marine biodiversity in the Canary Islands.

Today we will talk about diving in Lanzarote and about those who can teach you to enjoy this underwater paradise.

The four diving areas in Lanzarote.

You already know that any time of year is perfect for a dive in these waters.

However, which area should you choose for exploring the seabed?

We could say that the waters of the island are divided into four areas. We’ll tell you about them and what each one of them has to offer.

1. Playa Blanca.

The southern part of the island is the recommended area if you are going to start in this sport or if your skill level is beginner or intermediate.

You can dive up to 60 feet deep and enjoy its calm waters that are protected from marine currents.

Here you will find Playa Flamingo, one of the favourite spots on the island for diving.

2. Puerto del Carmen.

If your level is intermediate or advanced, Puerto del Carmen located to the east of the island will become one of your favourite areas where you’d be able to dive up to 130 feet deep.

The local marine fauna and flora alone are a good reason for visiting it, although it also features some famous diving spots, such as La Catedral, the Blue Hole and Los Pecios.

Moreover, one of the most popular diving spots in Europe, Playa Chica, is located here. It is great for beginners as well, since there is a lot of marine life around its breakwater where you won’t have to go beyond a 30-feet immersion.

3. Mala.

The experts and more advanced divers will find a true paradise at 130- or 160-feet depth, such as black coral forests.

Before you go, make sure that the weather conditions won’t prevent you from diving that day.

4. La Graciosa island.

This island and the Chinijo Archipelago, of which it is a part, constitute the largest marine reserve in Europe.

Just like in Mala, it is important to check the weather forecast to see whether or not you’d be able to dive. If you can, then get ready for one of the most amazing experiences.

A museum only accessible by diving? Yes, it is in Lanzarote!

There are only three underwater museums in the world, and only one of them is located in Europe. A bit closer than it seems. It is right here, in Lanzarote.

The Museo Atlántico is located at a depth of 50 feet. With over 300 sculptures made with moulds of real people, it is a museum designed to foster marine life creation and, at the same time, to raise social awareness.

Your first dive in Lanzarote.

We are going to give you something to get your teeth into.


You have no diving experience but you’d like to tick that box and dive for the first time.


Don’t keep thinking that such day is far away. Diving schools in Lanzarote are well aware of the reason why you are eager to put on the snorkel and fins, and they have designed a plan so that you’ll be able to go on your first dive around this museum.

You won’t get in there on your first dive, but they will make sure to prepare you so you could visit this unique place in Europe.

The best diving centres on Lanzarote.

If you have dived before, but do not have enough experience to jump into the water alone, we recommend you to look for a diving school that would advise and guide you during your dive.

Of course, there are several to choose from in Lanzarote, a few of them have a long professional record, and any one of them will help you to dive in a totally safe way as they will adapt to your needs and level.

Below is a list of centres where you can go for your diving course in Lanzarote.

Price: Diving packages with accommodation, from €235 per person and up to €850. Your first dive, starting from €75.

Location: La Graciosa.

Description: One of the favourite areas among divers are the waters of La Graciosa. 

You will be diving in the largest protected marine area in Europe, with 70,700 hectares. It is a unique experience.

This diving school offers diving course packages with accommodation. They even include a transfer from Lanzarote to La Graciosa. You just have to take care of landing on the island, and they take care of the rest.

In addition to this, you can choose between a course, single dives or even your first dive.

Tell them what you’re looking for and they will surely help you to plan your experience.

TripAdvisor opinions: No doubt about it. The human touch of La Graciosa Divers is what users value the most. Besides that, it was the good condition of the equipment and the impressive beauty of the marine life that can be watched.

Price: €40 – €540

Location: Playa Blanca.

Description: They have two centres in Lanzarote. One of them is located in H10 Rubicon Palace hotel.

You will be able to dive with your children if they are over 10 years old as they offer courses and trips for children and the entire family.

TripAdvisor opinions: Professional monitors who adapt to all needs and make you have a great time. They look out for everyone and one of their specialities are families and children. It is one of the best rated ones!

Price: €50 – €475

Location: Puerto del Carmen.

Description: Professional instructors with years of experience will accompany you on your dive, be that your first dive or an advanced-level course.

They offer a variety of courses, even the first dive with a visit to the Museo Atlántico, Open Water or XR Nitrox.

TripAdvisor opinions: Highly valued for their ability to adapt to any needs or limitations. Serious and professional.

Couples, families with children who are just starting out, groups of friends. Everyone agrees that the team and the quality of this school is ten out of ten, no matter what course they have taken.

Price: €36 – €400

Location: Puerto del Carmen.

Description: It offers all kinds of excursions and tours, as well as diving with children, which is one of its specialities. You’ll be able to go for your first dive or earn any PADI certification.

TripAdvisor opinions: They are experts in making you feel comfortable. The empathetic quality of their team is most valued by their students.

Price: €80 – €475

Location: Playa Blanca.

Description: They offer courses for all levels, in small groups and tailored to your needs, which are offered throughout the island, including the Museo Atlántico.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive in Playa Chica with them.

In addition to diving, they contribute to cleaning the seabed with their Eco Dive project.

TripAdvisor opinions: Excellent, unforgettable, attentive and caring. User reviews are their best letter of introduction.

Price: €59 – €749

Location: Puerto del Carmen.

Description: They offer dives and trips around all the island, Including La Graciosa.

They also offer a possibility of hiring accommodation with them, as well as a wide range of courses, from taking a first dive to any PADI Certification, up to professional diving courses.

TripAdvisor opinions: Those who have already been diving with Mojo Dive know one thing for sure: they will come back. Diving with them is completely satisfying. It doesn’t matter what your previous experience is because you are treated great and the professionals who guide you will make you feel at home.

This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your bicycle route as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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