No-one can deny that Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year. Basking in an atmosphere of happiness and love, sharing with loved ones, is an unforgettable feeling.

Amongst the many destinations you can head to during the festive period, and one that is well worth considering is, of course, Lanzarote, a small island in the Canary Islands that is perfect for anyone in search of an enriching experience.

The festive holidays don’t pass by unnoticed in this region as the local administration usually organises countless activities and events aimed at its almost 146,000 inhabitants and the many tourists that join in the Christmas celebrations.

This article contains plenty of ideas for places to go and entertainment highlights if you’re thinking about visiting Lanzarote at Christmas.

Some activities to do in Lanzarote during the Christmas period

If you’re considering Lanzarote as your chosen destination this Christmas, here are some suggestions you could include in your trip.

Visit one of the island’s traditional Nativity Scenes

Traditional Nativity Scenes are usually set up on display in various locations throughout Spain and can be visited by the general public. Recreating the moment of the birth of Jesus across the country is a time-honoured custom.

This is usually a popular activity if you’re travelling with children, as they get great pleasure seeing the scene brought to life. They can also entertain themselves playing and decorating with paints, coloured paper, pieces of card, etc.

In Lanzarote there are several very well-known representations which are worth visiting. First off, there is the Yaiza Nativity Scene, where a scaled-down model of the most iconic landmarks of the town and the rest of the island are recreated. The great attraction of the Tinajo Nativity Scene, on the other hand, is that it is performed by local residents, being joined by various animals such as goats or hens. Finally, the Haría Nativity Scene has impressive lighting, making a visit to this attraction a must.

Concerts, Christmas events and visits to Santa’s Grotto are all Lanzarote Christmas essentials

As well as visiting the traditional religious portrayals mentioned above, there’s also the possibility to meet Santa in his Grotto in the Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre. He is usually there every Saturday from mid-November until 24th December.

Meanwhile, other common attractions over this period are the concerts and events that have been specially planned to celebrate this time of year. In 2021, for example, the cultural Christmas programme “Navidad Isleña” took place in Lanzarote. Over six weeks, a variety of shows with a focus on popular culture and music took place. In total there were 22 concerts spread across the entire island.

Buying Christmas gifts in Lanzarote’s typical markets, a new tradition

Whilst you’re enjoying the festive season in Lanzarote, why not take the opportunity to visit one of its traditional markets? You can do your last-minute Christmas shopping and marvel at the huge variety of handmade products.

One of the most renowned markets in Lanzarote is in the village of Teguise. There are stalls selling Canary food and drink, leather goods, baskets, costume jewellery, ceramics and many more items. It usually opens its doors on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm.

A Christmas evening in the Los Jameos Volcanic Cave

Experiencing an unforgettable evening in Los Jameos del Agua gives Christmas in Lanzarote its own special sparkle. This place, designed by the Lanzarote-born artist César Manrique, is the setting for Christmas concerts specially devised to mark the festivities.

You can also enjoy a meal accompanied by music playing in the background. If you’re planning on spending Christmas in Lanzarote, what better than whiling away an evening in this magical location?

The 12 Grapes on New Year’s Eve in Lanzarote

To ensure you experience a full and fabulous Christmas getaway in Lanzarote, your stay should extend until, at least, the arrival of the Three Kings. This will allow you to enjoy the different traditions of both the island and also the whole of Spain. The most classic of these is eating 12 grapes, one on each strike of the bell on New Year’s Eve. This is arguably the most widespread New Year ritual to take place in the whole region.

In Lanzarote, this custom takes on special significance in the capital, Arrecife. In the San Ginés Obispo Church Square, hundreds of people usually gather to welcome in the New Year.

The cavalcade of the Three Kings, another unmissable event in Lanzarote

Your trip to Lanzarote shouldn’t end until you’ve experienced the arrival of the Three Kings, on the night of the 5th to 6th January. This is the time when children send their letters to the Kings via a special post box. Another option, if they prefer, is to take them to the cavalcade of the Three Kings and hand them over in person.

In Lanzarote, in the Timanfaya National Park to be more precise, children give their letters to the Three Kings at the “Echadero de Camellos”, or camel station. This is a novel way to

celebrate this tradition, and means there are several different ideas for the children to make their wishes known to Their Majesties.

Go to the beach in December? Yes, it can really happen if you visit Lanzarote at Christmas

One of the unique features that makes Christmas in Lanzarote so special is the island’s climate. Although December and January are winter months, the temperature in Lanzarote is stable throughout the entire year, averaging 20 degrees.

This means that even if you visit the island at Christmas you can still take a refreshing dip in the waters off the beautiful Lanzarote beaches.

Learning about the Christmas traditions of different travel destinations is enriching for any visitor. Being able to explore the landscape and culture of the place at a time as special as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and the arrival of the Three Kings is an unforgettable experience for any tourist.

This is why visiting an island like Lanzarote is a great idea if you’re looking for a special destination to plan a trip to next Christmas.

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