Enjoy surfing in Lanzarote and discover its hidden spots

The island of Lanzarote is one of the best on the Canarian archipelago for surfing. And although it isn´t the most famous, it has some legendary spots within the surfing scene.

Ride the wave of this article, because we are going to provide some details about Lanzarote and surfing that you will undoubtedly find interesting.

Whether you are a surf pro, or an enthusiast who is starting to catch their first waves, in Lanzarote you will find the perfect beach to develop your aquatic skills.

Don´t think twice, grab your wetsuit, your board and let´s go surfing!

Benefits of the island for surfing.

The Canary Islands have an exceptional climate and Lanzarote, in particular, has quite a stable climate, therefore it is spring almost all year.

Among other things, what stands out most about Lanzarote, is its peacefulness. It invites you to stop and slow down, almost forcing you to leave behind the stress of always rushing around everywhere.

You may resist to begin with, but if you let yourself go, you will discover that time has its own pace here: the pace of the waves.

Many elite sportspeople choose the island to come and train during the coldest winter months in their countries. The climate conditions of the island make it perfect for doing outdoor training routines for sports as diverse as cycling, rugby and even motorsport.

Therefore, Lanzarote is the island chosen by many surfers, as it offers the chance to do their favourite sport everyday.

Riders from all over the world have surfed the waves of Lanzarote, and many of them end up living here to enjoy the sea throughout the year. Many set up their own schools or work for them, but the majority live through and for surfing.

That is the thing about this discipline, as soon as you take a liking to it you will be unable to stop thinking about it.

So, the easiest way to practice it, is by living close to the sea, with a stable climate and spots that guarantee perfect waves.

And coincidentally, Lanzarote has all of these factors.

The best beaches to surf at in Lanzarote.

It is already clear, the climate in Lanzarote is ideal for surfing during most of the year, but what about its beaches?

Lanzarote has fantastic sand and rocky beaches, but not all of them are suitable for doing this water sport.

And above all, not all beaches are suitable for all levels.

We are going to specify which beaches in Lanzarote are suitable for surfing and the level of experience you require for each of them.

Playa de Famara, for all the family.

Famara, or Caleta de Famara, is famous for its endless beach of golden sand. It is located in the northeast of Lanzarote and has more than 6km of golden sandy beach, where the sea, trade winds and sun blend together.

Surfers from various different areas gather here each day to take their first classes or continue improving their technique.

Its sandy bottom and the swell created, allow anyone to easily familiarise themselves with this sport, as the waves that form close to the shore are sufficiently powerful to drive the board without danger for someone with experience.

Although they are relatively easy waves, we recommend you get started with qualified instructors for the initial introduction. Having someone who knows the area and can guide you is the best way to become familiar with the spot where you are going to surf.

But Famara is not only for beginners.

In the same area where the beginners gather, other surfers at a higher level can normally be seen continuing to improve their technique with the waves that form before the surf.  We could call this the intermediate level, where you are beginning to enjoy the surfboard and practice your skills alone, experiencing every wave.

There are a lot of breaking waves on the beach, but if you want a little more excitement, the area of La Caleta offers two waves for the more experienced: that of El Muelle and that of San Juan.

In order to reach that of San Juan, you have to walk along a dirt track that you will find at the end of the town. This wave is one of the best left breaks that you will find on the island, which makes it one of the favourites of local surfers and the venue for one of the Junior Pro Circuit events of the World Surf League.

You need to bear two factors in mind if you want to ride any of these waves.

The first is experience: these waves are for people at an advanced level, bear this in mind; and secondly, respect the locals. Here and in Hawaii, the locals have preference, bear in mind the priorities and you will have twice as much fun.

Other perfect beaches for those with experience are Las Cucharas (in Costa Teguise) and that of Órzola, to the north of the island. Both beaches are good for learning to paddle and being able to enter the water through sand.

Caleta Caballo, area of locals with a high level.

Caleta Caballo is a small town located between La Santa and Famara.

Of fishing origins, Caleta Caballo retains the essence of its past, but tinged with the cutting-edge that the surfing aesthetic gives it.

Here, the majority of surfers are locals, it is easy to make friends, as they are very pleasant and will be delighted to teach you the rules and how to fully enjoy its waves.

The two most popular breakers in this spot are The Left Wave and The Right Wave:

The Left Wave breaks just in front of the town, you can enter paddling directly from the beach and it is quite deep, although the bottom is lava, so it is suitable if you have an intermediate level. It forms quite a long wave, therefore if you wait your turn, you will have a lot of fun.

The Right Wave of Caleta Caballo is only suitable for the most experienced riders, as it is a powerful wave, very fast and hollow that breaks with a low tide close to the rocks, which makes it a very dangerous wave.

La Santa, where the best surf.

In this town to the northwest of Lanzarote you will find different spots with differing levels, although generally, anyone who heads into the waters is recommended to have quite extensive experience riding waves.

Let´s discover some of the most important ones:

El Centro (The Centre): is a wave that breaks within the bay of La Santa and it is quite safe and fun. Be careful when entering and exiting the water, because the bottom is rocky. If you have an intermediate level, this wave is perfect for you.

La Misteriosa (The Mysterious Wave): is one of the most powerful XXL waves in the North Atlantic and it only breaks on the days of the year with the greatest swell on the outer reef of the island, opposite the town of La Santa. It is an expert level wave and for specialists of Big Wave Surfing, as it has a big wall ad offers giant barrels.

La Santa: the best and most constant wave in Lanzarote. It has a very dangerous peak, therefore it is only suitable for experts. It can be surfed with a mid or high tide.

El Quemao: renowned worldwide by all professional surfers, this wave is compared to the legendary Pipeline in Hawaii. It is only suitable for riders with lots of experience as it breaks at a shallow depth over a very sharp volcanic reef.

Since 2015 it has been the venue of the Quemao Class, a tournament that brings together outstanding surfers from the international scene in memory of David “El Fula”, a beloved local sportsperson.

The best time of year for El Quemao is between November and February, it needs a lot of groundswell and wind from the east or southeast to break.

Where to learn to surf?

In the town of Famara you will find several surf schools where you can obtain information and rent all kinds of equipment. Undoubtedly, you have a wide range of courses, both for a day and camps that even include accommodation.

You will also find surf schools in other areas of the island, such as in Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise, but many of them offer classes on this legendary beach in the northwest of Lanzarote.

To make it easy for you, we are going to give you the names of some of the schools that you can find on the island:

Surf schools in Famara:

  • Zoo Park Famara: welcomes you as soon as you reach the town. They offer surfing, paddle surfing and kite surfing classes. Visit their website for more information.
  • Calima Surf: With surf camps that are worth trying. Find the one that best suits your needs on its
  • Epic Lanzarote: Learn surfing, kite surfing and wing foiling, the fashionable sport, with qualified instructors. Also, they offer accommodation and an online store. Visit their

Surf schools in Costa Teguise:

  • Volcano Surf: This location on the island offers surf classes and equipment rental. Visit its
  • Cactus Surf School: At this school you can choose group or individual classes. You can see the prices on its website .

Surf schools in Playa Blanca:

  • Kaboti Surf: They offer surf classes, among other disciplines. They include travel to Famara beach for classes. Its website has all the information in order to sign up to its classes.

There are many more schools on the island, but we are giving you a little preview so you can get an idea of what you can find in terms of schools

What is the best season for surfing in Lanzarote?

Previously, we stated that any time of year is good for surfing in Lanzarote, especially when you are learning, as you will be able to surf with a long board and foam.

But, on the contrary, if you want to surf bigger waves, the best months for doing so are from September to April, as you can surf with your board almost everyday on one of the island´s waves.

Although the temperature is quite pleasant throughout the year (the annual average is 20 degrees), we recommend that you use a wetsuit. Especially when the north wind blows and gives a lower thermal sensation.

In summer, if you are not very sensitive to cold, you can surf with swimwear or a lycra top. In spring, a short sleeve wetsuit is sufficient, but in autumn and winter we recommend a long sleeve one, as although it is a subtropical climate, the trade winds are cool.

Whenever you come, there is always a wave waiting for you in Lanzarote, whether you are a more experienced surfer or you want to get your first introduction to this sport. Be careful, because it is addictive, and if you live in an area without a nearby beach, you will have no choice other than to visit Lanzarote more often.

We look forward to seeing you!


This article was written with all the love that we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you really enjoy catching waves, as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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