How to get around Fuerteventura without a car

Do you need to rent a car if you come to Fuerteventura on holiday? Almost everyone will say yes, but the truth is different: NO, you don’t have to. It is possible to get around Fuerteventura without a car. The island is small enough for you to get around using a combination of local buses, taxis, bicycle and your own feet.

Furthermore, most hotels are located close to the coast, with easy access to the beaches. Today, on, we want to tell you about the transport options available in Fuerteventura so that you can reach the island’s most famous places without a car.

Public transport is quite efficient, is air-conditioned and it is comfortable, clean and cheap. All of the buses on the island have a fixed fare system and metered taxi fares don’t change with the seasons.

Why can you get around Fuerteventura without a car?

One of the reasons travellers love the island of Fuerteventura so much is because it is very easy to get around. You don’t need a car. There are plenty of buses and taxis on the island, so using local public transport combined with any options that involve using your own feet is ideal.

Getting around Fuerteventura by bus

Buses connect almost all of the cities and towns on Fuerteventura. All routes generally follow the timetable indicated at the bus stops. In Fuerteventura, a bus is called a “guagua”. But if you use the Spanish word “autobuses” you will be understood perfectly. Buses can take you to all the main places and bring you back again.

The local bus company is called Tiadhe and it has 18 lines that connect most points on the island. Some lines serve the north of the island and others connect the south.  Depending on your destination, you can get a transfer from Fuerteventura airport to anywhere on the island.

For example, bus route 3 takes you from Fuerteventura airport to Puerto del Rosario (the capital), as well as to tourist areas like Caleta de Fuste and Salinas. In contrast, bus route 10 can take you to Puerto del Rosario and Morro Jable Resort on the south side of the island.


These are cheap and tickets can be bought on board. The cost will depend on the distance travelled. However, there is a card that allows you to get a discount (5%) on the price of the ticket. It usually costs €2 and can be topped up with at least €5. You can buy them at bus stops, in shops and even at newsstands.

Getting around Fuerteventura by taxi

All taxis on the island are official and charge a toll. All taxis have a diagonal stripe on the bodywork and a taxi sign on the roof. Taxis are also often good value for money compared to Northern Europe and even mainland Spain. The fare ranges between one euro and one euro and fifty cents per kilometre.

For passengers with luggage, as well as in the evening, on weekends and bank holidays, the fare increases by an average of 10 to 15 percent.

Getting around Fuerteventura by bicycle

Fuerteventura is also a great place for adventurous cyclists. You can discover the island and all its incredible landscapes by bicycle. Fuerteventura is the second largest and least populated of the Canary Islands, which leaves you with thousands of kilometres of gentle, uncrowded roads that are ideal for cyclists who want to enjoy the amazing views.

The climate is unique, thanks to its annual average temperature of 18°C and only 2 weeks of rain per year. Therefore, excellent riding conditions can be guaranteed in this incredible micro-climate.


You can hire bicycles at all the main tourist resorts in Fuerteventura. Mountain bikes, city bikes, electric bikes and all the necessary equipment can be hired at various stations and shops on the island.

Getting around Fuerteventura on foot

The tourist areas in Fuerteventura always provide good facilities and easy access to shops. The coast and the tourist resorts are generally easy to walk around, as most of the roads are quiet.

Walking trails are widely available, both along the coastal routes and inland.

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