How to get to La Graciosa from Lanzarote.

Did you know that La Graciosa is the wildest populated island in the Canary Islands?

It is located to the north of Lanzarote and is part of the Chinijo Archipelago which, along with Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste, is part of Europe’s largest marine reserve, with 70,700 hectares and home to countless species in its waters.

La Graciosa, with an area of 29 km², is home to an average population of roughly 700 inhabitants and is the only inhabited island in this unique archipelago, officially known as the eighth Canary Island.

Despite its population virtually doubling in peak season, La Graciosa continues to keep the wild spirit that characterises it intact.

Its sand-filled streets with no pavements take you on a journey through a town with amenities adapted to its uniqueness.

There is a school for the island’s children, who have to travel to Lanzarote for post-primary education; there is also a health clinic, shops, cafes, restaurants and apartments to provide accommodation to meet tourist demand.

And although it’s the perfect place to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, luckily it doesn’t have an airport, which pleases inhabitants and visitors alike.

Logistically, it wouldn’t be possible to build an airport here, but even if it were, it would be a terrible idea to do so.

However, it does have a heliport for emergencies.

So, you may be wondering how to get to somewhere so paradisiacal and remote.

Very easily.

Traditionally, La Graciosa has been an island of fishermen where the profession has been passed down from one generation to the next along with the love for the sea that surrounds them.

So, there is no shortage of harbours and boats to take visitors back and forth, whether for a day trip or a full season.

We’ve already mentioned that La Graciosa has no airport and the only way to get there is by sea, always going through Lanzarote.

Because, although the eighth island has a harbour, it only connects with its sister island.

So, take advantage of your trip to La Graciosa to make a pitstop on the neighbouring island for a spot of sightseeing.

Lanzarote has an international airport with daily flights and connections to many of the biggest European and Spanish cities, as well as to most of the archipelago’s other islands.

So getting here is a breeze.

Once you land in Lanzarote, head north to the town of Órzola, about half an hour’s drive from the airport.

In Órzola, park your car in one of the car parks for users of the ferries bound for La Graciosa as the boats are for passengers only.

There are a large number of crossings with two companies that alternate between sailings on the hour and on the half hour for their respective ferries.

How to get tickets to go to La Graciosa?

When you arrive in Órzola, you can buy your ferry ticket directly at the port ticket office.

There should normally be no problem getting a ticket but, if you want peace of mind, you can buy your tickets online on Líneas Romero website.

During the crossing, a guide will explain interesting facts about La Graciosa and the breath-taking scenery of the Famara cliff, which will accompany you for most of the journey.

There’s also Wi-Fi on board, so you can share your ferry experience with whoever you want.

What’s more, if you buy your ticket on their website, they give you the option to book your transfer from the airport to Órzola.

What more could you ask for?

How much does it cost to go to La Graciosa?

As an island that relies exclusively on sea transport to and from the island, prices are the same for both ferry companies.

For adults, the return fare is €28; for children between 3 and 11 it costs €15, and children between 0 and 2 travel for free.

On the other hand, Canary Island residents have access to a special discounted fare.

A return ticket for an adult resident costs €7 and €3.75 for children.

Other ways to get to La Graciosa.

Just because sea transport is the only way to reach La Graciosa doesn’t mean that the passenger ferry is the only way to reach it.

This is the cheapest option with the most flexible timetable, but there are other options for a more unique experience.

By catamaran:

Firstly, you can book a day trip, which includes pick up from your hotel, transfer to the port of Órzola, catamaran to La Graciosa, tour of the coves in the south of the island, anchoring in one of them, food, drinks and water sports for a day out you’ll remember for years to come.

If this is right up your street, you can book it directly on their website.

Water taxi:

Prefer to go at your own pace without having to stick to a timetable?

The water taxi is different to all the others; perfect for groups of friends who don’t want to have to stick to company schedules and prefer to play things by ear.

It’s likely to be the most expensive, but it’s the best option if you want to go at your own pace.

Moreover, it’s such an exclusive service that you can only book it at the port, negotiating rates and pick-up times directly with the captains of the boats.

Now that you know how to get to La Graciosa from Lanzarote, all that’s left is to enjoy your stay on the island.

In this post, we give you a rundown of everything there is to do in this paradisiacal spot, where time stands still for you to take in the wonders that surround you.

This article was inspired by the passion we feel for Lanzarote. We hope you enjoy your visit to La Graciosa as much as we’ve enjoyed writing this post.

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