Jameos del Agua, where the magic begins.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the magic of nature along with art, this place is Jameos del Agua. 

Stepping into this half-open cave is like entering a world full of surprises and peculiarities, where each space is unique and unrepeatable. 

Let yourself be seduced by sinuous shapes imprinted by Cesar Manrique on his first work of art in Lanzarote and discover the underwater world of this volcanic island. 

If this is your first time on the island, you should not miss out on this visit. 

However, if you have already been here, you could visit again, because every visit will bring the discovery of something new you haven’t seen before. 

So, what are you waiting for to come and explore Jameos del Agua?

How do you get to Jameos del Agua?

In order to get to Jameos del Agua, you should head to the northern part of Lanzarote in the direction of Orzola. 

The road will take you through Malpais de la Corona, a unique landscape that you make you feel as if you were on Mars. Half-way, you’ll find a sign indicating the exit to your destination. Take the exit and you will find yourself in the perfect oasis that every explorer needs. 

Getting there is not difficult, but just to ensure that you arrive without a delay, here are the exact coordinates

When you get to Jameos del Agua, you should see all of it, so don’t leave any spots unexplored. 

In any case, to ensure that you enjoy your first visit to the fullest, let us point out some peculiarities that will make you see this spot from a different perspective. 

What is Jameos del Agua?

The word “jameo” was used by the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands to describe the openings created in the ground by collapsed lava tunnels. 

Lava tubes are created due to cooling of the surface levels of a fluidly moving lava flow. When the lava stops erupting from the volcano, the tube empties out and a natural tunnel gets created. As time goes by, this tunnel may begin to crumble or become fully or partially buried, creating openings in the ground known as “jameos”. 

In case of partial crumbling where the rocks have not buried the access to the lava tube, a unique space is created where speleologists can investigate the volcanic processes of the area.

Jameos del Agua was created about 3000 years ago when the tunnel ceiling collapsed and partially crumbled, revealing parts of the lava tube and creating caves that can be accessed from the surface. 

It also forms part of the Tunnel of Atlantis created as a result of the eruption of the La Corona volcano, which stretches over 6 km (3.75 miles) and of which at least 1.5 km (1 mile) runs under the water. 

Now that we are done with a semi-scientific explanation, you’ll find a spot inside the facility with an in-depth explanation of the formation of the area you are visiting. 

If you are fond of geology, don’t miss it!

What to see at Jameos del Agua?

When you get to Jameos del Agua, you’ll be carried away by the sense of peace, tranquility and communion with nature. 

This is exactly what Cesar Manrique wanted to reflect in this first Art, Culture and Tourism Centre that he created in his native land. In a place that originally held a landfill, the artist was able to perceive the real value of this space and convert it into an authentic jewel that surprises all its visitors. 

Stepping into Jameos del Agua is like entering a world from Verne’s novels where you are welcomed by green ferns, carried away by bird song and embraced by the dampness of the cave.  

After entering via a stone staircase, you’ll reach the first platform. It features a restaurant that is located almost at the entrance. There are terraces on different levels where the sunshine peeks in through what is known as the Jameo Chico, the first of three spaces that make up this area.  

From any part of the restaurant, you can enjoy the view over the lagoon of the Jameo, which is nature-made and filled with sea water.  

If you look closely, you’d be able to see little white dots inside the lagoon. 

Do you see them?

Keep an eye on them. Wow, they move!

Yes, because they are alive. They are commonly known as “Jameitos” and they have become the symbol of the island. 

Actually, they are small, blind albino lobsters, and they can only be found here, in Jameos del Agua, and nowhere else. So, please be careful; don’t try to pick them up or throw coins close to them. They are highly sensitive to oxide on coins and it can even end up killing them. 

Continuing along the route through the lake, you’ll reach another small green space with a café. It will then lead you towards Jameo Grande. 

This is where Cesar displayed his entire essence of contrasts with rounded shapes, where white comes into the spotlight against the backdrop of black basalt and the blue pool. 

It is, without a doubt, one of the most photographed and instagrammable spots on Lanzarote. 

Take a walk through its gardens and let the essence of Manrique’s art capture you. 

At the back of this space, you’ll see a small cave decorated with an interesting door. If you open it, you’ll step into the Jameos del Agua Auditorium, an unparalleled space where some lucky people have enjoyed an amazing variety of concerts and performances. 

However, your visit does not stop just here. 

On the ground level, you will find a space dedicated to visitor interpretation. It provides detailed information on the creation of the Tunnel of Atlantis, Jameos del Agua and the entire network of lava tubes that make them up. 

You will also find a gift shop so that you can take a souvenir from this magical space home with you. 

Bonus Track

If you think that you have seen it all at Jameos del Agua, allow me to tell me that you’re mistaken. 

There is a third Jameo that is barely known; only a few lucky people have been able to enjoy it at private events, as it has been closed to the public until very recently. 

It is the Jameo de la Cazuela and, to get to it, you have to go through the impressive Auditorium stage. 

To explore this hidden area and to see the waterfalls that frame it, you should reserve an exclusive guided tour for small groups that ends with a snack at La Galeria bar, with wine and local specialities. 


Jameos del Agua is open every day from 10.00am to 6:00pm.

We recommend that you visit after 3:00pm to avoid long wait times and queues. 

There are also a special schedule for the Nights at Jameos: Fridays from 7.00pm until 12 midnight. 

You can enjoy a dinner at the restaurant along with a live music concert.


Adults: €10.00

Children 7-12: €5.00

Children 0-6: Free

There is an additional supplement to be paid at the centre’s box office after 7.00pm on the days when it is open at night with a concert. 

Lanzarote Tourist Centres feature a special ticket programme for visiting several sites. If you’d like to purchase one, visit this website to buy tickets and vouchers.  


The most remarkable thing about the restaurant is that it is located in a crack, inside the lava tube, so you can enjoy the island’s traditional cuisine in a fairty-tale setting. 

It’s an experience you should not miss. 

If you don’t have time for a meal, you can always enjoy a cup of coffee or soft drink in the cafe. 

Jameos del Agua restaurant: is open every day from 12.15pm until 3.45pm. 

On Fridays, the special Nights at Jameos opening hours are from 7.00pm until midnight.

View the menu.

Cafeteria/La Galeria Bar: is open every day from 10.00am until 5.45pm. 

Check out the menu here.

This article has been written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you’ll enjoy your visit to Jameos del Agua as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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