Lanzarote, a perfect destination for travelling with children

When you have children, that changes your way to travel and you have to adjust your vacation preferences to the needs of the smallest members of the household. 

It is clear that each child is special and that a trip that could seem amazing to one may seem very boring to another one. This is why it would be ideal to find places that delight the little ones and the adults alike, so that everyone could enjoy an amazing family vacation. 

And one of the perfect places for travelling with kids is Lanzarote.

Its short distances, its beaches and its tourist centres are ideal, so that the entire family could enjoy a few days of disconnection that are full of emotions and new places to be discovered. 

If you are deciding on this destination for your next family vacation, keep reading and we will give you some advise and talk about places you can visit in Lanzarote and have fun like a kid. 

Before your family trip to Lanzarote.

Vacation planning starts on the very same moment when you have chosen your destination. The authentic madness starts here. 

To begin with, what dates should you choose? If your trip to Lanzarote depends on your child’s school holidays, then you have little margin there. However, if you have the luxury of freely choosing the season for your travel, then, without a doubt, it is best between September and November. 

During these months, air temperature on the island is very enjoyable, with 23 degrees Celsius (74 Fahrenheit) on average. The winds also seem to take a break, and the “rabbit summer” starts. Seize the opportunity to come during this season, as there is no massification of tourists, and the sea is calm and perfect for bathing. 

Even so, keep in mind that even through the temperature is very nice during the day, it usually drops quite a bit at night. Taking into account the outdoor humidity, you will need a jacket, so that you wouldn’t get chilly or cold. Remember, we are 140 km away from the African coast and the climate is quite similar as a far as temperature differences. 

We recommend you to rent a car to move around the island. Since it is a relatively small island, the distances are short and driving on the roads is easy because there are no mountain areas or complicated roads. Moreover, most car rental companies offer child or baby seats, either free of charge or at some additional surcharge. Look into it, because this way you could choose if you’d want to travel with a car seat from your home or not. 

If your family likes to visit museums and find out a bit more about your destination, Lanzarote features a network of tourist centres which is very comprehensive and entertaining for big and small visitors alike. 

If you are travelling with a baby, we recommend you to use a baby carrier, because many centres are not adapted for baby strollers. These routes are usually quite short, so this will be the most comfortable way for both of you to discover places on the island. 

If we are travelling with kids, what could we see in Lanzarote?

There are several places on this island that are perfect for visiting with the youngest members of the family. To begin with, beaches are the best option, because after a full day of playing in the sand and with the waves they will go to bed very tired from having so much fun. 

The best beaches for spending a day, or a few hours, with a family are the Caleton Blanco, at the northern part of the island, and the Papagayo Beach in the south. 

And so, since the entire trip is not just about the beach (or maybe it is), you can also take some trips in order to become better acquainted with the island. 

The first stop on this route, without a doubt, is the Timanfaya National Park.. You cannot leave Lanzarote without visiting this natural paradise, which is a perfect example of what Lanzarote is nowadays. Apart from a bus tour through the park, you will find some geometric shapes at Islote de Hilario that will surprise the entire family. You will also see an enormous barbeque that feeds from the Earth’s heat. Impressive. 

To prepare for this route, we recommend that you stop by the Visitor and Interpretation Centre of Timanfaya. It is a museum where you will get answers for many questions you might have about Timanfaya, island formation or volcanoes in general. It is very interesting and suitable for the entire family. 

Another option that is highly recommended for visiting with the little ones is Jameos del Agua, where you will find a lagoon with living creatures that are unique in this world, as well as the aesthetic approach to nature that is worthy of an artist like Cesar Manrique. 

Now that we are going inwards, take advantage of the trip and visit the Cueva de los Verdes, which is just a few feet away from it. Here you will discover the secrets of the inner part of Lanzarote. It is a big adventure that even the little ones will appreciate and remember for a long time. 

Coming back to the surface, another museum that would be equally appealing to big and small kids is the Pirate Museum in Santa Barbara Castle. This castle-and-pirate combo has all the ingredients for the kids to enjoy.

Family accomodations in Lanzarote.

A wide range of accommodation is offered in Lanzarote, including various resorts and hotels focused on family tourism. If you are interested in a family-style hotel, we are discussing some of the most recommended ones in this post. 

If you prefer apartments or tourist houses instead of a hotel, platforms like Airbnb feature such a variety of accommodation, that you will surely find a perfect place for you and your family. 

This article has been written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy a family trip to the island as much as we have enjoyed writing this section. 

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