Mirador del Rio, a window to the eighth island.

Lanzarote is much more than just sun and beach. 

Anyone who has visited the island can attest to that. 

One of the most vital places for getting away from the beaten sun-and-beach path is, without a doubt, Mirador del Rio. 

An old military fortification, it has been restored and transformed in line with the particular vision of an artist from Lanzarote, Cesar Manrique, whose end goal was to elevate the beauty of nature through art and culture. With the help of his lifelong friend Jesus Soto, and along with Eduardo Caceres, Manrique achieved a landscape that is unnoticed from a bird’s eye view, but its interior amazes everyone who has ever visited it. 

Come to Mirador del Rio and let its unparalleled views captivate you. 

How do you get to Mirador del Rio?

Getting to this part of the island is very easy. 

There is only one road that goes there, so I am going to ask you to enjoy the trip. You’ll pass through quaint villages, rocky badlands and close to one of the biggest volcanic cones on Lanzarote, the La Corona volcano. 

Our great travel ally, the GPS, will advise us about the route to these coordinates. 

What is Mirador del Rio?

When you take the exit suggested by the GPS, the road will lead you to a sculpture where you’ll sign of Cesar Manrique: a fish and a bird will give you a hint about what you can expect from this place. 

At first, it seems like what you see from the car park couldn’t get any better on the inside, but don’t be fooled. Even though the views are spectacular on the outside, the inside will awaken all your senses. 

The building is decorated with the same stones that are found in the area, which makes it blend in with the environment. 

It is just what Manrique wanted. 

Moreover, he covered the entire roof with soil and, as time went by, local grass and plants started to grow there, reaching the point of perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture. 

At 475 metres or 1500 feet above the sea level, this was a perfect spot for military surveillance in the Canary Islands, because it had a view over the entire Chinijo Archipelago and a big part of the ocean. This is why a military fortification was built there, although it was abandoned with the passage of time. 

And so it remained, until Cesar arrived. With his organic forms and a drive for transformation, he converted it into what is known today as one of the most spectacular viewpoints designed by him. 

Having said that, don’t remain at the door. Enter the Mirador del Rio, a portal that will bring you to a new dimension. 

What to see and do at Mirador del Rio?

Admire the landscape. 

This is the first thing you’ll do once you pass through the entrance. Once you reach the large cafe lounge, its big windows will welcome you with an unparalleled view of the Chinijo Archipelago. 

Its windows, concave and leaning slightly forward, will make looking out from there to enjoy the views seem like looking into another galaxy through a wormhole: being so far and, at the same time, so close, it seems that you could touch each islet located in front of you.

On clear days, you will have La Graciosa, Alegranza, Roque del Oeste, Montaña Clara and Roque del Este at stone’s throw. If you look below, you will see the arm of the sea that separates Lanzarote from La Graciosa, which the viewpoint is named after. 

A perpendicular slope makes it clear why it is called Risco de Famara (Cliff of Famara), so if you have a fear of heights, don’t look down towards the bottom of the precipice. 

Once you have enjoyed the amazing panoramic views from the windows, continue investigating inside the premises. 

You’ll discover statues made by local artists and you’d be surprised to see how naturally Manrique managed to fuse architectural forms in such a way that they naturally appear out of nowhere. For example, there is a winding staircase that rises majestically in the interior. If it were not for the wooden steps, it would seem like the passage opens as you are placing your foot to go upstairs. 

In the upper area, following the path guided by a spiral stairway, you will find a charming gift shop with handmade items from the island. Yet a bit higher, you can get out to a roof through a magnificent skylight. 

Outside, the viewpoint is surrounded by a terrace that looks like a ship deck; here, you can scan the horizon while feeling the sea breeze on your face. 

However, a warning to seafarers: If you have altitude sickness, it might be better to enjoy the view from safely behind the windows. There is no need to have a bad time. 

Also, if you’d like to see and watch the clouds while sipping on your favourite beverage, there is a cafe inside where you can treat yourself.


Mirador del RIo is open every day from 10.00am until 4:40pm, as well as the cafe and the store located inside. 

If you go by yourself, we recommend that you visit in the afternoon in order to avoid the inflow of morning trips.


You can purchase your tickets at the box office of Mirador del Rio or at this official webpage.

Adults: €5

Children 7-12:€2.5

Children 0-6 years: free

This article has been written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your visit to Mirador del Rio as much as we have enjoyed writing this article. 

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