Puerto Calero Market, Lanzarote: What to see and do

Puerto Calero market, in Lanzarote, stands out for being a perfect place for enjoying an extensive gastronomic offer of fish and seafood. It is also a peaceful and picturesque place to enjoy with friends and family. There is also a lot to see and do in this very special place.

That is why if you are thinking of travelling to Lanzarote and want to make the most of all the attractions in this place, we invite you to continue reading this article where we will teach you what to do and see at Puerto Calero Market.

Location of Puerto Calero Market

Puerto Calero Market is located in the square that leads to the Quay of the same name, which is home to a wide variety of fish restaurants. In addition to the excellent gastronomic menu, you will find all kind of items: from gifts, clothing, bags, jewellery, costume jewellery, to small gifts and souvenirs.

What should you know about Lanzarote

With regard to Lanzarote, it is worth highlighting that it is a destination where art and nature go hand in hand. Undoubtedly, it is an island whose essence makes an impact. It is part of the Canarian Archipelago (Spain), in the Atlantic Ocean and belongs to the province of Las Palmas.

Lanzarote is the third most populous island of the Canaries, after Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and the second in the province of Las Palmas.

Next to unusual sites formed by volcanic caves, lava lakes and craters, sit beaches of golden sand and clear waters.

It is necessary to highlight the virtues of the climate, the annual average temperature of 22°C makes Lanzarote the ideal place for all kinds of outdoor sports.

Puerto Calero Market: everything you need to know

As we previously mentioned, Puerto Calero Market is a space full of energy and good vibes for spending time with your loved ones.

In turn, it is important to bear in mind all the necessary information about its opening hours, days, restaurants and businesses to make your visit perfect.

Opening hours and days of Puerto Calero Marke

In the incomparable setting of a typical fishing town, below we have listed the days and opening hours for visiting the Market:

● Days: Tuesday and Friday

● Address: Puerto Calero, Lanzarote 35571

● Opening hours: 10 am to 3 pm

● Bus: lines 470 – 460 – 486

● Products: gifts, clothing, bags, jewellery, costume jewellery, small gifts and souvenirs

If you are someone who does not enjoy public transport, you can safely use the Market´s taxi service, highly acclaimed by tourists.

What benefits does the Market offer

Lanzarote has an abundance of markets and, as outlined above, Puerto Calero is one of them. This economic activity offers several benefits:

  1. Local producers can find an outlet for their items. It brings together livestock breeders, farmers and craftspeople.
  2. It encourages the creation and continuation of business in the province, which has an impact on the economic health of the island.
  3. Visitors can purchase the typical products of the island grouped into a relatively small space.

What will you find at Puerto Calero Market

One of the best ways to discover its culture, is by having an entertaining walk around Puerto Calero Market. They are characterised by offering fine crafts, made by small-scale artists from the island, who take inspiration from traditions both in terms of themes and techniques. Likewise, you can find small sculptures made from clay, in the purest Guanche style (the culture of the aboriginal people who inhabited the Canary Islands in ancient times). Along with boutique and high-quality stores.

The range of textile objects, created with organic raw materials also stands out. Not only that, you can also buy presents with a special meaning for your family.

Another of the specific characteristics of the Market is that it is full of stalls with different ranges of local, farm and livestock goods, where farmers present their fresh and organic produce.

What is the typical food of the Market

A true delight for the senses and those who love gastronomy. Below, you will see a list of food and drink found in the market stalls:

● Canarian wrinkly potatoes

● Mojo (typical sauce of the Canary Islands) made the traditional way

● Vegetables

● Fruit

● Cheeses

● Spices

● Wines

In short

The atmosphere of the port is compatible with the style of this market, the modern setting of the marina is in harmony with the stalls and offers a good image, worth capturing.

Puerto Calero Market is a destination for those who are fanatic about the sea and who enjoy an outdoor walk, through which it is possible to discover a little about the destination´s culture.

So, now you have the last word. Do you need a break from daily routine? At the Market you will connect with that part of you that you had forgotten.

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