Spend a winter in Lanzarote if you are retired

Have you reached that fantastic phase in life when you can finally forget about an alarm clock on the weekdays?

We knew it.

You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to enjoy.

You like good weather but where you live, the temperatures drop to the point that even the thermometer shivers during the coldest months.

You start looking for options when the winter starts.

We’ve got the destination you’re looking for.

Pack your bags.

Lanzarote is the best option for spending the winter if you’re retired.

Everything is an advantage.

We won’t repeat it too often, but it’s clear that one of the biggest reasons you’ll love spending the winter here is because you won’t feel like it’s wintertime.

Warm months, sunny weather, enjoying blissful idleness at a terrace or going for a stroll wearing just a shirt and shorts.

Can you imaging going through a winter without thinking about the heating?

Winter gastronomy on the island is a big unknown for the general public, as people usually choose to visit in the spring or summer.

“Millo” (corn) broth with ribs, or stewed “arvejas” (green peas) or any kind of stew made of pulses will surely surprise you. Typical desserts of the Christmas season, such as sweet potato or angel hair filled “truchas” (turnovers) that you’ll find impossible to resist.

It’s one of the seasons of the year when beaches and other tourist destinations are not so overcrowded. It’s a high season, but you’ll see the difference.

And, of course, the people.

Welcoming, kind and willing to help in order to make you feel at home.

Although, of course, this happens all year round.

It’s one of the island’s biggest treasures.

What activities can you do in Lanzarote in winter?

There are as many answers to this question as the number of hobbies you have.

In any case, your enjoyment is assured if you follow any of the recommendations we give you today.

Play golf.


One of the biggest attractions for spending a winter here is that golf lovers can book their green fee with fine weather practically guaranteed.

We recommend Lanzarote Golf or Costa Teguise Golf.

Traditional Carnival.

Even though it’s true that this February event is most celebrated in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, in Lanzarote we enjoy other traditional parties during the Carnival. They’re not so famous, but you should get to know them as well.

These include the Teguise Carnival or street parties at thePuerto del Carmenwhere you can enjoy evening festivities and free shows.

When in Teguise, visit a festive ritual called Los Diabletes 8the Little Devils), which take to the streets to scare children and youngsters with their screaming and racing round.

Water Bus.

Seize the moment to explore a coastline on a mini cruise between Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen, two beautiful coast communities in Lanzarote.

You can visit Puerto del Carmen, the main tourist centre of the island or the Puerto Calero marina, an exclusive area in Lanzarote where luxury yachts are moored.

Buy your tickets on our website to ensure that you’ve your space on the day of your choice.

Wine tasting at La Geria.

Do you like fine wine?

Without a doubt, Lanzarote is one of your must-stop destinations.

La Geria is a protected natural area located at the southwest part of the island close to the town of Yaiza.

This area is also known as the Lanzarote Wine Routeand if you visit it, you’d be surprised by the way they cultivate grapes, which are placed into pits excavated in volcanic ashes and surrounded by stones.

There are a lot of wineries there and you can get a guided tour with wine tasting.

Our recommendation could be none other than the most famous white wine in Lanzarote made from a type of grape that is only grown here: la Malvasia Volcanica.

Hiking routes.

There are over one hundred available routes with options suitable for all levels or groups including hiking for adults, families or teenagers.

You can do a solo hike on your own or join a guided hiking group, such as, for instance, some that we recommend that you can find by clicking here.

It’s one way to discover the rich heritage of the island through environmental education, culture and sport.

Go to the beach.

Have your friends turn green with envy when you sendi them your photos enjoying the beach far from the snow.

Lanzarote’s coastline invites you to visit it and make a stop at each beach and each bay.

It’s one of the best ways to understand why this is the best season for visiting.

Discover Lanzarote's CACT.

These are Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism in Lanzarote’s municipalities.

This group of seven spaces created by the local artist Cesar Manrique that represent the best example of the island’s natural and cultural assets and are a global benchmark for sustainable tourism.

It is a must-see for discovering the real essence of Lanzarote.

These are the Cueva de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua, the Casa Museo del Campesino, Del Fuego mountain — Timanfaya, Del Rio Viewpoint, San Jose Castle and the Jardin de Cactus.

With this list in hand, you can pack yourbags and get ready to experience your warmest winter ever.

We’re waiting for you!

This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you will enjoy your stay as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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