The best restaurants in Lanzarote.

Canarian cuisine has always been one of the strongest points of the islands.

And day after day, the interest in exploring our gastronomic culture just keeps growing.

It is not unusual to see that each time there are more and more people who appreciate these recipes and, armed a spoon, they are showing that this is not just a place for beach tourism, but also for exquisite and demanding palates.

Traditional, modern, avant-garde cuisine in luxury restaurants or in simple bars.

They all have something in common.

The enjoyment is guaranteed.

Dining in Lanzarote is one of the great attractions of coming here.

Keep reading to see our selection of restaurants and… 

Bon appétit!

The list of 15 restaurants you won't want to leave.

Price: €10 – €20

Location: Arrecife.

Description: Located in Charco de San Ginés, this much loved restaurant specialises in fish and the traditional cuisine of the Canary Islands.

In addition to making you feel at home, they offer hefty and tasty dishes.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: In addition to food quality, friendly service provided by their staff is what is most valued by all clients without exception.

You should not leave without trying their signature dishes like the fish sandwich or the Matrimonio toast.

Price: €20 – €40

Location: Arrecife.

Description: Next to Casa Ginory, also in Charco de San Ginés, you will find this restaurant where they cook with ecologically grown produce, organic food and Denomination of Origin products.

It focuses on reinventing the traditional cuisine in order to provide you with new flavours based on timeless recipes.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Their clients love the taste of their dishes and the excellent service provided.

It is a benchmark venue on the island.

Price: €15 – €50

Location: Puerto del Carmen.

Description: If you love meat, this restaurant is a good reason for visiting Puerto del Carmen.

Fresh products and the quality wine cellar, an irresistible mix.

In 2019 they were given The Best Grill in the Canary Islands award by Qué Bueno Canarias-Heineken.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: One of the best in Lanzarote, a good reputation based on hard work.

It is a must-stop if you want to have a good meal and enjoy spectacular views.

Price: €25 – €40

Location: the Marina in Lanzarote, Arrecife.

Description: If you want to try a restaurant recommended by the Repsol Guide and recognised by the Michelin Guide such as Bib Gourmand, you will be received at Lilium by Chef Orlando Ortega.

It is an exquisite place that offers a reinvention of some Canary Islands dishes with a touch of innovation.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: A great surprise for those visiting it for the first time.

They are creative in their cuisine and have an excellent quality of products that are handled with great care.

Price: €6 – €18

Location: Playa Honda.

Description: An Italian restaurant with fantastic food at very affordable prices.

You can choose between pizza, pasta or rice, always prepared with traditional recipes, or trying some of the “tapas” snacks from the menu.

All dishes are prepared in a traditional way.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Pasta and pizza from the true Italian cuisine.

Clients love the variety of their menu and the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant.

Don’t leave without trying the tiramisu dessert.

Price: €8 – €23

Location: Playa Honda.

Description: It may look like a simple restaurant, but it is a hidden treasure of delicious cuisine with vegetarian or gluten-free options.

It is one of those places where each dish is prepared with a lot of care.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Fish, pasta, octopus… The recommendations are many, and all of them convey the price-quality ratio which is a strong point of this restaurant.

The vegan options are very highly valued.

Price: €15 – €30

Location: Playa Honda.

Description: A bar with a sea view terrace where you will enjoy fresh fish and seafood cooked with great care.

For those with a sweet tooth, it is best to leave some room for home-made desserts.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: A visit here is a must-stop, exceptional staff, a great discovery…

Quick service and a very nice environment.

Price: €25 – €30

Location: Tinajo.

Description: People at their tables usually ask to repeat the dishes.

The food is delicious and the desserts are home-made.

Original dishes and a menu with a multitude of options.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Winners of the 2022 Travellers Choice Award, which reflects on the exquisite service provided by the staff and the delicious food.

It is highly recommended.

Price: €30 – €60

Location: Puerto del Carmen.

Description: Located in the five-star Fariones Hotel, this Asian restaurant will transport you to its place of origin with each bite you take.

A top-level, the best products and in an idyllic setting.

A gourmet and highly exclusive project.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Without a doubt, the exquisite nature of its dishes is outstanding.

Besides, there is something that is mentioned in each opinion, which is the teamwork of the professionals in charge of the restaurant who are overseeing and maintaining a venue that exceeds expectations.

Price: €70 – €100

Location: Playa Blanca.

Description: With his creative cuisine and a unique personal approach to cooking local products and preserving local flavours, Chef Abel del Rosario has earned a Repsol Sun and recognition in the Michelin Guide.

Any of the tasting menus they offer will delight each and every diner.

Just to add some other detail, they have their own artisan bread bakery.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: This website recognised them as “The Best of the Best of 2022 Travellers Choice”.

The unanimous opinion of all diners is that it is a unique and worthwhile experience.

Price: €15 – €50

Location: Puerto Calero.

Description: The restaurant of Chef João Henrique Faraco, who was named the Best Chef of the Canary Islands in 2018 by Gastrocanarias.

Its concept is based on the traditional cuisine renewed with contemporary techniques and local produce, which contributes to the sustainability of the environment.

It is named a benchmark reference by the “New Canary Island Cuisine”.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: An essential stop in Puerto Calero, it is a spectacular restaurant that not only offers exceptional food, but also conveys harmony, peace and tranquillity.

Price: €20 – €40

Location: Teguise.

Description: Holder of the Best Restaurant of the Canary Islands in 2020 award by Qué Bueno Canarias Awards.

Bib Gourmand in the Michelin Guide.

Decorated with art pieces designed by César Manrique.

Their kitchen has a sole purpose: to satisfy its diners.

A full-scale restaurant. A visit here is a must-stop.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: The best approach is to let yourself be guided by the chef’s recommendations.

Their reputation is well-deserved and whatever dish you order is an outright success.

It is highly recommended.

Price: €15 – €35

Location: Playa Honda.

Description: With Chef Jon Pérez in the kitchen, his cuisine is a reflection of many voyages he has undertaken, as he brings together the flavours of various cultures he came across.

The menu changes every month, always based on client preferences.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: A surprise for the senses, perfect service by the staff and all this is at the sea front.

There are many recommended dishes, so no matter what you order, it will be a success.

Price: €20 – €40

Location: Playa Blanca

Description: A very detailed gastronomy of the Canary Islands. Rice, fish and shellfish. The Lanzarote-based Chef Dailos Perdomo takes great effort into his dishes and pairing them well with the wine.

Both the decoration and the menu are inspired by the island of Lanzarote, so tradition is seen as a foundation for creation of avant-garde dishes.

TripAdvisor User Reviews: Sublime, an essential stop, indispensable.

A cosy place with great views.

Price: €35 – €100

Location: Playa Blanca

Description: The restaurant in the Princess Yaiza Hotel located in Playa Blanca.

It was awarded a Repsol Sun in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

It was elected as the Best Hotel Restaurant of the Canary Islands in 2020.

Its Chef, Gonzalo Calzadilla is the current holder of the Best Chef of the Canary Islands.

It is the result of a job well done, a cuisine that uses raw materials from the island supplied by local producers to provide you with an avant-garde cuisine of contrasts that will delight your five senses.

User opinions in Tripadvisor: “Excellent from the beginning to the end.” 


“It’s like being in heaven.” 

“It is a Michelin Star menu.”

To leave you with a good after-taste, we finished our list with the highest-rated restaurant in our selection.

This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your bicycle route as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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