The best restaurants in Puerto Calero

One of the most fun and flavoursome ways of getting to know places you travel to is through the food. There’s nothing more pleasing than trying new tastes, new ingredients and new dishes, quite different to what you’re ordinarily used to. The Canary Islands are a prime example of this and offer a remarkable variety of food. To travel there and not sample their typical dishes would be a serious mistake, so if ever you plan on visiting one of them you should jot down a list of dishes and restaurants to try beforehand. On the island of Lanzarote, the easternmost of the archipelago, there is a small town called Puerto Calero, belonging to the municipality of Yaiza. Here, there are a range of restaurants that we cannot recommend enough. If you ever plan a trip to this volcanic paradise, we recommend that you try, at the very least, some of the best restaurants in Puerto Calero.

How to get to Puerto Calero?

The best way of travelling there is by Water Bus. Perhaps you’re wondering what this strange thing is, but it’s none other than a boat that goes from Puerto del Carmen (in Tías) to Puerto Calero (in Yaiza). The trip takes approximatively twenty-five minutes and is run by Líneas Romero. Most of the restaurants are in the marina zone, meaning that once you’ve stepped off the Water Bus, it’s easy to get to them walking.

Restaurants in Puerto Calero

The vast majority of the restaurants are in the marina area, so once you get off the Water Bus it is very easy to reach all the establishments on foot.

Harbour Club Restaurant

Run by the seaport management company Calero Marinas, this restaurant is ranked fourth of the eleven most renowned restaurants in the zone of Puerto Calero. It’s a modern restaurant that opens every day of the year from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, making it convenient for everyone.

Where is it? Paseo Maritimo, 12, 35570 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €20-40

Menu: Highly-varied menu with international and Mediterranean cuisine. It also includes vegan and vegetarian dishes meaning it’s suitable for everyone to dine here. They offer fantastic burgers and chips, local fish dishes with chargrilled vegetables, delicious carpaccios, a selection of salads, desserts to die for and a range of foaming coffees. And those who enjoy a drink or cocktail are well-catered for too, as they have a broad choice ensuring you can enjoy the Canary Islands in the best way possible.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars (525 reviews)

Restaurante Amura

Not only is it fifth of the twenty-seven listed in Yaiza (municipality where Puerto Calero is located), but it has also been mentioned in the article “Things to do in Lanzarote” in the prestigious Condé Nast ‘Traveller’ magazine.

Where is it? Urbanización Puerto Calero, 35570, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €21-43

Menu: The Restaurante Amura menu is small (something that helps when choosing what to have) and focuses on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine with ingredients that are typical of island. Guests can choose from rices, pasta, fish and meats. Starters include cheeses, tuna or octopus, etc., the rices are always with delicious fish or seafood, and the meats and fish are chargrilled. Desserts include classics such as sorbets, millefeuille and rice pudding. The perfect way to enjoy Lanzarote even more.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4/5 stars (879 reviews)

Mumbai Massala Puerto Calero

As you can imagine, eating at the Mumbai Masala takes you on a journey through Asia, especially India. This means that all lovers of this type of food know there is a special spot for them in Puerto Calero where they can enjoy delicious dishes. Here we should mention that this is the number one restaurant out of the twenty-seven listed in Yaiza and the staff are very attentive with helpful ideas and suggestions for diners, as is borne out by various clients who have left a comment on Tripadvisor.

Where is it? Paseo Marítimo Puerto Calero Local 15, 35571, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €15-25

Menu: Mumbai Masala has an extensive menu that includes basmati rices with vegetables (very common in Indian food), all types of spiced meats (especially Mumbai Masala Tikka and Chicken Tikka Masala), perfectly seasoned and served in the most traditional dishes. The chapatis and chickpea fritters with mango, mint or onion dipping sauces, plus the desserts, are guaranteed to delight all. A genuine gastronomic journey taking you to Southeast Asia without leaving Lanzarote.

Tripadvisor average rating: 5/5 stars

Buda Bar

If you’re more interested in liquid refreshments than food, or you’re looking for somewhere to have a drink after eating, then Buda Bar is the place for you. This is one of the best drinks bars in Lanzarote, offering a packed menu of flavours and colours for the most adventurous and demanding alcohol connoisseurs. And if you’re after an extra touch of the exotic, why not ask for a shisha, the classic eastern pipe, and try out different types of tobacco?

Where is it? Marina Puerto Calero Puerto Calero, 35571, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €15-20

Drinks list: Mojitos, orgasm cocktail, gin & tonics, etc. There’s a drink or cocktail with your name on it, waiting for you at the Buda Bar.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars


The Azure is similar in style to the Harbour Club Restaurant and is the fifth best-rated of the eleven top restaurants in Puerto Calero. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Spanish or English, whether you only like a light breakfast or a fuller one, whether you have dinner before or after 8:00 pm, this restaurant fits perfectly around everyone’s needs. The menu is fairly simple, without anything too adventurous, and will please all tastes.

Where is it? Puerto Calero Marina, 35571 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €15-25

Menu: The Azure has it all – burgers, fried or grilled fish, mussels in sauce, pork knuckle with potatoes, papas arrugás and Caesar salad.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars

Café de la Plaza

This cafe is the second-best rated of all restaurants in Puerto Calero – and with good reason. This quaint tea room offers everything British imaginable. Five ‘o’ clock tea, Victorian-style cutlery and crockery, a full selection of mouthwatering sweet pastries and cakes, etc. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast or afternoon tea, and well worth a visit.

Where is it? Local 8, Puerto Calero, 35570 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €2-12

Menu: Carrot cake, muffins and bagels with cream cheese and jam, teas, coffees, all types of sandwiches, typical English-style breakfasts… Just like having tea in London but exchanging the hustle and bustle of the English capital for the peace and quiet of the Canary Islands.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars

The Upper Deck Pub

If you’re a beer fan and you like to try different types, and even craft beers, The Upper Deck Pub is the place for you. This is the top-rated restaurant out of the eleven listed on Tripadvisor in Puerto Calero. Its reviews are really interesting and give us a little information about the pub, the drinks and the food on offer.

Where is it? Edificio Antiguo Varadero, 1st floor, 35571 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €5-13

Menu: As the restaurant itself points out on Tripadvisor, its food is mainly international (i.e., a little of everything). They serve up enormous burgers, nachos with guacamole, fish & chips, hot dogs, cheesy chips, etc. A perfect combination of beer and tasty food for when you fancy giving yourself a little treat at a very affordable price.

Tripadvisor average rating: 5/5 stars

Sushi Bar Minato

If you get a craving for sushi or Japanese food during your stay in Lanzarote, don’t worry: in Puerto Calero there’s also a restaurant serving this type of food. Many visiting guests have left good reviews, a clear recommendation that it’s worth trying.

Where is it? Marina Puerto Calero 1st floor, Edificio Antiguo Varadero, 35570 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €10-45

Menu: There’s a great range of options depending on the number of people visiting the restaurant and how hungry they are. The appetising starters include fish tartars, udon noodles, gyoza dumplings, tempura and even miso soups. The sushi options depend on the type of sushi you order and the number of pieces you want. For example, there are nigiris, sashimis or cut pieces and also sushi platters of eight, twelve or eighteen pieces. If you’re a vegan and a big fan of sushi, Sushi Bar Minato also caters for you.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars

La Porteña

Although it may seem strange, the cuisine of Latin America and the Canary Islands has much more in common that could be initially thought. La Porteña, this Argentina-inspired restaurant with its famous grilled meats, is the third top-rated restaurant out of the best eleven in Puerto Calero. It’s obviously a bit tricky for vegans here, but this restaurant is a major attraction for all meat lovers who visit the island.

Where is it? Edificio Antiguo Varadero,1st floor, 35571 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €30-50

Menu: As well as meats, of course, there are burrata salads, Argentinian-style empanadas and chargrilled chicken. A veritable wonder with a delicious Argentine flavour in the middle of Puerto Calero.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars

Osteria Pizzeria Margherita

If earlier we mentioned cravings for sushi, now’s the time to talk about a hankering for pizza. Surely no holiday is complete without having eaten pizza at some point. The fact is, there are only very few people who aren’t fans of this gastronomic wonder originating from Italy. And we’re lucky enough to be able to enjoy pizzas in Puerto Calero in Osteria Pizzeria MargheRita. But they don’t only serve pizzas: they offer all manner of Italian food. Their medium-thick crusts cooked in a wood-fired oven are the perfect means to put an end to that eternal war between those who prefer thin-crust and thick-crust pizzas.

Where is it? Calle Pantalanes 2, Puerto Calero, 35571 Puerto Calero, Lanzarote (Spain)

Average price/person: €15-25

Menu: The menu is divided between red pizzas (with tomato sauce) and white pizzas (without tomato sauce) made to classic recipes: margherita, four seasons, four cheeses, veggie, fruti di mare… and also focaccia (for bigger eaters). There are also craft beers on the menu, a plus point for the best-rated Italian restaurant in Puerto Calero.

Tripadvisor average rating: 4.5/5 stars

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