Where can one stay in La Graciosa?

If you’re considering visiting La Graciosa, but think accommodation could be prohibitively expensive, we’re happy to assure you that it’s not.

It’s true that the island’s size might invite you to believe that it would have just a few accommodation options available only to those with a certain budget.

This could be partly right, since there are only slightly more than 700 residents on the island, and hotel accommodations consist of about 40 apartments.

However, it’s known for being an affordable destination. So, you can enjoy a dream holiday on a heavenly island without worrying about the price tag of your stay.

But, be warned, this makes it even more irresistible, so advance planning will be very relevant here.

Book well in advance and start dreaming about your holidays on La Graciosa.

What is the average price to stay on La Graciosa?

The average price for a two-person accommodation is between 80 and 290 euros per night.

There are two main locations that we recommend for your stay.

Caleta de Sebo

Since it’s the capital of the island and the largest urban area, it is home to 90% of available accommodation on La Graciosa.

Choose this location if you’d like to be close to all the shops, restaurants and other businesses, like banks and supermarkets.

Here you can hire a tour or even rent a bicycle to go for a ride on your own.

Since this island has been declared a natural park and biosphere reserve, you won’t be able to access the island with your vehicle. 

In fact, practically the only vehicles that have a special permission to drive there are taxis and some jeeps that can be hired for excursions, which come with a driver.

The only port with a ferry that goes to Lanzarote is also located here.

Accommodation options at Caleta de Sebo mostly are tourist apartments.

There aren’t any large hotels, complexes or hostels.

Even the apartments are not like those you might imagine.

They’re actually smaller structures with only one floor. They’re charming houses painted white with a green or blue doors that make the island even more photogenic.

These little houses are just like the houses where island residents live.

Pedro Barba

If you’d like to escape for a few days, disappear from the face of the earth, Pedro Barba is the destination for you.

There you’ll find just a dozen small houses on a little beach.

The only services available are water and electricity.

For any other things you may need, you’ll have to go to Caleta de Sebo by bicycle or jeep taxi.

The distance is 6.6 km. It takes between 20 and 30 minutes to get there by bicycle.

You can use any of the booking websites to search for your accommodation.

We recommend Apartamentos el Marinero, which offer apartments in Caleta de Sebo with the best sea views and amenities you can imagine.

What is the best season to visit La Graciosa?

If you’re thinking about an island, the beach, the sun… 

It clearly sounds like a summer vacation.

And you’re definitely right. It feels good to be on vacation when it’s hot, mostly because these islands enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the entire year.

However, it’s usually the season when we get the largest number of visitors. So, if you don’t make a reservation well ahead of time, it’s possible that you’ll miss out on it.

This is even more true in case of La Graciosa, as there are only 30 or 40 accommodations available on the entire island.

To ensure you have a place to stay and enjoy your visit during the less popular times, we recommend you avoid the high season.

Spring or autumn are definitely your best options.

If you can come then, you’ll be able experience your holidays as if you were an just another islander going about their daily life.

Please be aware that camping is illegal on La Graciosa.

Has anyone told you that they camped there or suggested you camp there?

Camping is really a great option if you like to be in touch with nature, but it is not available right now.

There is only one area where it is permitted and this area is closed at the moment.

Camping outside of this area is not permitted.

Since the island has been declared a biosphere reserve, camping is highly controlled and there is limited availability.

You can make your reservation (when it becomes available again) on the booking page of the National Parks Autonomous Agency’s website.

Keep in mind that very strict rules apply to camping, so you won’t be able to cook, or make fire, or bring anything besides a camping tent (awnings, outdoor furniture, etc.).

The area is equipped with showers and bathrooms. Of course, maintaining peace and quiet and keeping the area in pristine condition are priorities.

This is not a camping business, but a space surrounded by nature where free camping is permitted.

If the option to book become available again and you’re the type who prefers to sleep under the stars, this is definitely an option for you.

In any case, any accommodation you choose will be a success because you’ll be in a paradise that is reserved for only a select few.


This article was written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy your visit to La Graciosa as much as we enjoyed writing this article.

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