Wines from Fuerteventura.

Wines from Fuerteventura are gaining in recognition every day, both at the national and international level. This is owed to the climate of the archipelago, but also to the good work of the small wineries dedicated to producing these wines. You’ll find a selection of the best examples below.

This company has a long history behind it. In fact, its vineyards are located in the very same spot where, over 600 years ago, the first vineyards in Fuerteventura were planted.

They are also considered the oldest on the entire archipelago, and today continue to offer a grape of excellent quality with the perfect amount of sugar and a very intense flavour.

The current vines were planted on the Conatvs land over 40 years ago, when the owners of the vineyard went about collecting the plants found scattered around the island in a state of abandon back then. What started out as a hobby, became a way of making a living just a few years ago.

Many of these vines are centuries old, since they were transplanted from their original locations, where nobody can quite say how long they’ve existed. However, their thick trunks are the best proof of their longevity.

Guided or private tours.

If you enjoy wine tourism, you’ll love exploring this winery. You have several options depending on what you’re looking for.

In the company of other tourists.

The guided tours are perfect if what you want is to discover the secrets of wine production. You’ll be part of a reduced group of visitors accompanied by an expert at all times.

Once the tour starts, you’ll be able to get right up close to the vineyards. You’ll discover the different varieties of grape grown on the Conatvs terroir and can check out the irrigation system for each of these. The sandy “jable” soil, the island’s volcanic soil, offers unique conditions for the growth of the vines.

Before finishing the circuit, you’ll reach the inside of the bodega. This is where the wines sold by Conatvs are really made, and you’ll get the chance to see what the entire process looks like. You’ll end with a little tasting session and also get to try other typical products from the region.

Exclusive access as part of a private tour.

You can also spend a pleasant time at this place in the company of your loved ones. The establishment offers the option to make an exclusive reservation for celebrating events or enjoying a private tasting. What’s more, a guide will accompany you to all the points of interest and you can also visit the vineyard.

Wine tasting.

You need to try the wines of Fuerteventura before leaving the island. It’s a good thing that all of the wines bottled by Conatvs feature one-of-a-kind nuances that will delight you from the very first sip.

Red wine.

The Conatvs Tinto is the only red wine produced by this company. It’s made up of three different grape varieties: Listán Negro, Listán Prieto and Tintilla. It has a 13.5% alcohol content and is ideal for pairing with fish or seafood. In fact, this concoction is one of the most highly appreciated by experts. Give yourself a little gift of wine and take a bottle home after visiting the winery – it’s worth it.

Rosé wine.

The Conatvs Pink is made with Listán Prieto and Hoja Moral, a grape endemic to the island of Fuerteventura and very well-established among local winegrowers. It has a 13.5% alcohol content and a very intense rosé colour.

White wines.

Conatvs sells two varieties of white wine:

  • The first is the Airam. This is made using three different grape varieties: Listán Blanco, Malvasía and Diego.
  • The other is the Airam Lías. The grapes used for the production of this wine are Moscatel de Alejandría, Malvasía and Babosito Blanco.

Both are fantastic options if you need something to pair with pasta, rice, fish or seafood.

The wines bottled at this winery feature the Canary Islands Designation of Origin. They are not produced in great quantities, since the company only has a few hundred vines, making these noble drops highly exclusive and in demand.

What’s more, the incredible taste of all their creations, their fruity aroma and the intense salinity of all the wines make them an excellent option for tasting and enjoying at any event.

As you now know, Fuerteventura wines are renowned in the winegrowing industry. The wineries offer guided tours of their facilities as the perfect way to round out several days of wine tourism on the island.

We have written this text out of the passion we feel for the Canary Islands. We hope you enjoy your visit to Bodegas Conatvs as much as we’ve enjoyed writing this article.

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