7 Natural swimming pools in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a truly incredible island. Its natural wonders make it one of the favourite destinations for those who want to visit the Canary Islands. Today, on enjoylanzarote.com, we bring you the best natural swimming pools in Lanzarote, so that you can enjoy all the wonders that this place has to offer.

There is nothing like nature for producing its own architecture. The sea and the sun are undoubtedly the stars of every visit to Lanzarote, along with the special features of the land on the island. The Atlantic Ocean has given Lanzarote spectacular crystal-clear waters that, together with volcanic lava formations, create wonderful landscapes.

This is the case for the fantastic and perfect natural swimming pools that you can enjoy on the island. So, if you love outdoor swimming, Lanzarote’s natural marine pools are a great alternative to its beaches.

1. Los Charcones

Despite its natural beauty, Los Charcones is not very well-known among tourists. These natural swimming pools are 2 km from the Pechiguera lighthouse and can only be accessed by a dirt road. They are only five minutes by car from Playa Blanca and you should definitely visit them if you are on holiday in the area.

Los Charcones has everything you need to relax, read a book and enjoy good company or even have time alone for yourself. It has swimming pools of different sizes, depths and shapes, for relaxing dips and to practise scuba diving.

2. Playa del Charcón (Arrieta)

The town of Arrieta is located on the southeast side of Lanzarote. This small fishing village has a natural rock swimming pool on its seafront, located between Arrieta dock and the popular Casa Juanita, known as the Chinese house of Arrieta.

3. Charco de Mala

This is a more family-orientated option, ideal for spending a day with the family and letting your kids enjoy themselves. The Charco de Mala natural swimming pool, located to the north of Charco del Palo, is somewhat larger than the Cueva del Agua swimming pool. It is a quiet place, easily accessible and always well protected from the waves.

4. Charca de la Novia (Órzola)

Charca de la Novia is a tropical lagoon with black volcanic rocks surrounding patches of white sand. It offers the opportunity for a swim far away from the crowds of tourists. At high tide, the sea fills the lagoon with clear, turquoise blue water, which quickly warms up.

This natural swimming pool is a wonderful and quiet place with shallow waters, completely safe for children. It is a great little place to enjoy the sun, with the typical semicircles of natural volcanic rock found in Lanzarote to shelter you from the wind.

5. Las Rosas natural swimming pool (Punta Mujeres)

Not many tourists come to visit Punta Mujeres, but it is one of the best places on the island for natural swimming pools. Human intervention is only evident from some steps into the water and in the sunbathing areas. The rest is pure nature covered with a pinch of salt.

As well as the main swimming pool located in the middle of the town, there are other smaller swimming pools that run for about 2 kilometres along the coast.

6. Coloseo natural swimming pool (Charco del Palo)

This spot, located on the coast in the little town of Mala, is ideal for casting off both your worries and your clothes. In fact, it is a Lanzarote spa resort formed by three completely nudist natural swimming pools.

These are the best natural swimming pools in Lanzarote, with a fairly peaceful atmosphere. Most of those who come to swim here are foreign tourists who enjoy the crystal-clear water and pleasant climate. The area consists of white sand, pebbles and stones of darker colours. Without a doubt, it is a unique and exclusive landscape.

7. Cueva del Agua (Cocoteros)

Located in the town of Guatiza, you can reach it by car, driving to the Los Cocoteros residential complex and then continuing on foot (about 100 metres) to the Cueva del Agua.

This area is rocky and has little vegetation. However, it is home to sea urchins which means that you need to wear special shoes when swimming. This wonderful natural swimming pool is also deep enough to allow you to dive directly from the rocks surrounding it.

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