Taste of Lanzarote. Where to eat on the rabbit island?

Eating in Lanzarote is an experience for all senses. 

The vision is delighted by colours, the sense of smell is distracted by the aromas, the hearing intensifies with every crunch, the sense of touch plays with textures and, as for the palate… Wow, the palate becomes speechless with each bite. 

There aren’t many secrets to the cuisine of the Canary Islands: fresh fish and shellfish, seasonal vegetables and slow-cooked meat make up its pillars. Well, actually, it does have secrets: the affection and love dedicated to preparing the traditional dishes and the care with which recipes have been passed down from generation to generation to preserve their essence. 

If you’d like to try some traditional, and affordable, food, the first thing to come to mind in Lanzarote is a teleclub. 

Teleclubs used to be social spots in the villages located in island’s interior. It’s where the neighbours would gather to watch the only television set available and some tasty dishes to share with everyone. This is how they arose- They’ve evolved a bit nowadays, as their focal point is no longer a television set, but rather the hobs that feed the soul. 

These simple restaurants are indispensable for becoming familiar with the “rabbit” cuisine (Lanzarote natives are as “rabbits”), since locals and tourists alike meet there to enjoy one of the pleasures of life. 

But people do not eat only at teleclubs. Lanzarote is becoming famous for its signature and avant-garde cuisine that many wish was their own. 

Let’s take a look at some traditional teleclubs and, of course, some signature restaurants that you just can’t miss on your visit to Lanzarote. 

What shouldn't you miss out in Lanzarote's cuisine?

To begin with, the fish from the Canary Islands’ coasts is a must. Here you will find a lot of whitefish, oily fish and rockfish, the most popular being the sea bass, Mediterranean parrotfish and amberjack. Let’s not forget about potatoes with mojo sauce or fried goat cheese as an appetiser. 

Shellfish play a very important role, especially limpets and La Santa prawns. If they’re in season, don’t miss the opportunity to try these delicacies. 

The island’s wine from the island is the best pairing for all these dishes. The young and fresh whites are the crown jewels of Lanzarote’s wineries. 

And now it’s time for dessert: sweet and generous. Most restaurants serve homemade desserts that are very, very good. You must try: polvito uruguayo, bienmesabe or gofio mousse. 

Finish it up with a cup of coffee. Typical coffees on the island are the leche y leche (coffee with milk and condensed milk), or its ramped-up version with liqueur, the barraquito.

Restaurants with traditional (and affordable) food.

Teleclub de Mozaga 

Like at any good teleclub, you will get homemade, delicious and affordable food if you visit this charming village in the interior part of Lanzarote. 

Croquettes of suckling pig and apple, chickpea dishes and aubergine with molasses are excellent choices. 

Bar Stop

Not really a teleclub, it’s more a traditional village bar. And, as a good village bar, it has its devotees at the bar counter and a brief menu with generous and tasty portions. 

It’s perfect for recharging after a trip to Timanfaya and then continuing the route. 

Casa Juan Uga Restaurant

The motto of the house is: “Nobody goes hungry”. If you pass through Uga after a route through La Geria, stop by this simple restaurant that lacks frills or extravagant decor, but features good traditional cuisine. 

Its staff will make sure that you won’t leave hungry. Its squid and fried moray are highly recommended.

Charco Vivo

This humble cafe bar is located near the Charco de San Gines in Arrecife. It is known among locals as “Casa Ginory” or simply “Ginory”. For over fifty years, it has been serving breakfast and lunch to local workers and tourists who come to its small terrace. By the way, it has recently been expanded with a charming restaurant located right next to it. 

You must try: the breaded fish sandwich, and the “matrimony”: large portions of fish and squid served with “papas arrugadas”, a moreish potato dish.

From the sea to the table.

El Barquillo Restaurant

This restaurant is located where you’d never imagine: in a basement of a house in the village of La Santa. It is so well hidden that it would be unnoticed if it weren’t for the people queuing at the door for a table. 

It is a small and a welcoming place, and the servers will treat you as if they’d known you all their lives. Local residents and tourists mingle in the lounge, waiting to taste La Santa shrimp or a good-sized portion of limpets. 

It is very busy at lunchtime, so make sure you arrive early and not in a rush. While you wait, ask for a glass of local wine from the island and start enjoying yourself. 

El Pizquito Bar Restaurant

There are a lot of restaurants at Arrieta that are very good and quite well-known. However, if you like homemade, small-scale things, we recommend you visit this restaurant and bar, which is worthy of its name. 

You’ll find it in a nook at the end of the Arrieta pier. All its tables are placed outside, so you can enjoy a meal with sea views. 

Upon arrival, ask about the fish of the day or the specials. The baby squid are really delicious. 

Costa Azul Restaurant

When you go on a trip to Charco de los Clicos, take advantage of reaching the village of El Golfo to eat at this restaurant with a beachfront terrace. 

A big grilled fish dish will be big enough to share between two people, but if you’d like to try some of their rice dishes, that would also be a good choice. If you’d like to enjoy a dinner here, we recommend that you arrive before sunset, as the views are impressive.

Innovative cuisine on the island of volcanoes.

Niño Salvaje

The project, implemented by brothers Bruno and Sergio Morales in Arrecive, catches the attention of passers-by. 

They came here to become the rogues of Lanzarote’s cuisine and they’re enamouring their guests with their international outlook combined with local products. Ask about their specials and for dessert, try the cheesecake with a touch of peanut butter; it’s sublime!

However, the most attention-grabbing feature of this new concept is, without a doubt, their ample selection of cocktails. Take the team’s advice; they’ll choose the perfect one for you. All you’ll need to do is kick back and enjoy. 


This restaurant is recommended by the Repsol guide, and each corner features the essence of Manrique. 

Its menu has been carefully designed with local products. Its main focus is on rice dishes in versions for every taste. Their starters spark curiosity just by reading about them, just like their unusual desserts. 

Wine lovers will find an ample selection with many wines native to Lanzarote and the other islands. 

Avant-garde cuisine with a taste of the Canary Islands. 

Bonus track: Natural breakfasts in Lanzarote.

Starting your day with joy and in the best possible way means doing so with a good breakfast that will fill us with energy. 

El Pequeño Noviha

This café at Playa Honda is notable for the meticulous care with which they prepare their dishes. Ranging from savoury or sweet crepes to homemade sponge cakes, they also have bread-and-tomato toasts. If you are unsure, the owners and waiters will give you some advice. 

Their natural juices with fresh fruit that will both fortify and nourish you. 

To keep things simple, try one of their crepes: the minced chicken and avocado, or the smoked salmon are magnificent. Everything comes with gluten-free and vegan options. You just have to ask. 

Beach Bar Surfer Food

If you at Famara or nearby, come to this charming cafe with a surfer vibe. It’s a relaxed and very welcoming spot. 

They have a very healthy and extensive menu, with gluten-free and vegan options. Here, you’d have to try their bowl of açai berries, a tropical fruit rich in nutrients. 

Pair it with any of their teas or special herbal brews. Among the favourites are matcha tea and golden milk. 

This article has been written with all the love we feel for Lanzarote. We hope that you enjoy the local food as much as we have enjoyed writing this section.

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